Dear Colleagues,Please join us on the 15th of October for our following Indexing Transformation Seminar. Ruchi Chaturvedi is presenting a seminar titled ‘Scales of Justice’ seeking to answer the question of what a more democratic form of justice for political violence may look like. 

You are welcome to attend online at the following link:

This presentation revolves around the question of adjudicating political violence in modern democracies. With a focus on the Indian criminal justice system, I will track the implications of scaling down and scaling up — individuating and collectivizing — legal responsibility for group violence. The problem of state repression as well as impunity are critical here. Judicial paradigms of responsibility and ways of understanding criminal agency that have made law a means of perpetuating rather than mitigating violence demand our analytical attention. What might a more democratic form of justice for political violence look like? I will seek to answer that question as I close off the presentation. 

Date: Thursday 15th OctoberTime: 1pm – 2pm (Questions and answers until about 2.30pm)

Venue: Online video conference link:  

Most seminars are made available for public viewing after the event on the Indexing Transformation YouTube channel. Seminar information is also available on Twitter via @SocAnthSun.