Our services - Departmental vehicles

Vehicle operation

Monthly updating of trips/log statements

  • Each department must keep a record of all trips. Trips must be updated by the 10th of the ensuing month, otherwise they will be updated by the system automatically.
  • Please ensure that all the vehicles of the department concerned are reflected in programme EVP209P and that the kilometre readings are up to date. To obtain this programme, contact x4616 Financial & Management Systems.
  • Entries must cover a calendar month, therefore from the first of the month to the last day of the month (30/31st).
  • NB: If the trips cannot be recorded by the 10th, please send an e-mail to to make alternative arrangements.
  • Please inform Vehicle Services if the person who is responsible for the administration changes.

Compare monthly transaction report with fuel card slips

  • Each department is responsible for comparing its fuel slips with its transaction report at the end of the month to ensure that the correct costs are recovered.


  • Vehicle licences are taken out on behalf of the department. Those involved are informed by e-mail when the licences have been renewed.
  • The disc must be collected at Transport Services as soon as possible.
  • A grace period is given until the 21st of the following month for affixing the disc on the vehicle, following which fines may be imposed.

Accident claim invoices

  • Three quotations for repair work must be obtained if departmental vehicles are involved in accidents. Quotations must be submitted to the Insurance Division (021 808 2809) for the claim to be reported. A claim form must be completed.
  • An assessor is appointed to arrange for the necessary repairs.
  • After the repairs have been done, the invoice must be submitted to the Insurance Division for finalisation.

Lost or damaged fuel cards

  • In the case of a lost or damaged fuel card, contact Transport Services. All vehicle expenses are to be paid by fuel card, as far as possible.