Our services - Vehicle financing

All permanent, full-time or part-time employees as well as contract workers (for the duration of their contract period) who are in possession of a valid driver’s license, may apply for a loan in terms of the vehicle financing scheme.

The amount of the loan is limited to 90% of the vehicle’s market/resale value. The repayment instalment (interest included) is limited to 25% of the staff member’s monthly pensionable salary and is repayable by means of 60 monthly instalments of equal value for vehicles with less than 250 000 km or 72 equal monthly instalments for vehicles younger than 24 months with less than 40 000 km. Monthly interest will be charged on the loan.

The SU is a registered credit provider in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA) and applications are subject to normal credit screening.

Please take note: Vehicle Finance closes on the 1st of December 2023 and will re-open on 16 January 2024. Please contact Lelanie Langford at (021) 808 4675 or email for any queries.

A border letter needs to be obtained at our offices, should you want to leave the country with your vehicle. Please contact (021) 808 4548 with the following information: dates of entry and return, as well as the border where you are going to enter or return, make and model of vehicle and registration number of vehicle.