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Vehicles are made available to staff and students for official use, such as for research, clinical rotations, sports and cultural activities. No private trips may be undertaken. Drivers must be in possession of a valid driver's license of at least one year old, which must be shown upon request.

Keys for booked vehicles may be collected at the booking office in Banghoek Road from Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 16:00. Access to the vehicle pool gates are obtained by first touching your staff/student card against the access control system and afterwards the rented vehicle's identity card.

Drivers receive a trip card, which must be completed in full in the case of each vehicle rented. Together with this they receive a key which must be handed in at the reservation office after the vehicle has been used. If after hours, place the keys in the slot in the wall of the building on the left-hand side just outside the exit gate. It is compulsory to lock the vehicle as well as to close the safety lock. Reservation times and rules must be complied with strictly. Cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to departure in order to avoid a fine.

Any damage to a vehicle must be reported to the reservation office before departure and recorded on the trip card under complaints/defects. If after hours, record the damage on the trip card and place it in the slot in the wall of the building on the left-hand side just outside the exit gate.

In the case of theft or an accident, contact 021 808 4611 (08:00 –16:30), 021 808 9334 (16:30 – 21:30) and USBD (21:30 – 08:00) at 021 808 4891/2330 immediately.

Vehicles and drivers available

Kilometer and day tariffs

The relevant department will be liable for the cost of any damage that may occur during a trip.

Rules and regulations

Click here to download a copy of the Rules and regulations relating to the use of the Stellenbosch Vehicle pool.


Kilometer and day tariffs

Contact person

Marieta van Wyk
021 808 4611