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To make it easier for those who want to study material on this site, pages have been consolidated and are offfered here a printable PDF files.

The ortho-ebook is genertated from the more important pages on this site. I will periodically renew this document, as more pages are altered or added.

Because PDF files are not easily displayed on mobile devices (need scrolling). I have made the ortho-ebook available as Amazon Kindle format and as Mobibook.



Downloads from www0
ortho-ebook All pages on this site as a PDF file 8 MB
ortho-ebook Mobibook - This format will display on many mobile devices, and will not need to scroll, as with PDF format. 2.3 MB
ortho-ebook Amazon Kindle 2.5 MB
Plateau fractures PDF  
Rotational deformities PDF 2.2 MB
Bone Tumours PDF 0.7 MB


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