Academic Staff

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2132

Convenor of Social Science Methods

MSocSc, Free State University, 1985.

Ongoing Interests: Social security, Housing, Farm workers, Research Methodology

Selected Publications:

  • Vorster JH & De Waal L 2008. “Beneficiaries of the child support grant: Findings from a national survey. The Social Work Practitioner-Researcher 20 (2) pp 233-249.
  • Vorster JH & Rossouw HM. 2002. “Extending cash social assistance to children and their caregivers: a South African case study.” In Children and Social Security. Editor: Jonathan Bradshaw. London: Ashgate Press.
  • Kritzinger AS & Vorster JH. 2001. “Food industry responses to global integration: fruit producers, state legislators and women farm workers in South Africa.” In Tovey H, Blanc M (eds) Food, Nature and Society. Rural life in late modernity. Perspectives on Rural Policy and Planning. London: Ashgate Press.
  • Kritzinger AS & Vorster JH 1998. “Women on South African Farms: Empowerment Across or Along Race and Class Divisions?” Sociologia Ruralis, 38(3), pp 331-350.

Chair and Professor in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2095

PhD, Kings College, University of London

Ongoing Interests: Lindy Heinecken lectures in industrial and political sociology. Her research is within the field of armed forces and society, with a specific interest in civil-military relations, defence transformation, gender integration in the military and peacekeeping.

Selected Publications:

  • HEINECKEN LPT. 2018. Managing Diversity: From Exclusion to Inclusion and Valuing Difference. In: Nuciari M (ed.) Handbook of the Sociology of the Military, Springer International Publishing, United States, United Nations, 327-340.
    ALCHIN A, GOUWS A and HEINECKEN LPT. 2018. Making a difference in peacekeeping operations: Voices of South African women peacekeepers. African Security Review, 27 (10), 1-19. Available:
    WILEN N and HEINECKEN LPT. 2018. Regendering the South African army: Inclusion, reversal and displacement. Gender, Work and Organisation, 25 (6), 670-686.HEINECKEN LPT. 2017. Transitions and Transformation in Gender Relations in the South African Military: From Support in Warfare to Valued Peacekeepers. In: Woodward R, Duncanson C (eds.) The Palgrave International Handbook of Gender and the Military, Springer Nature, London, United Kingdom, 355-368.WILEN N and HEINECKEN LPT. 2017. Peacekeeping deployment abroad and the self-perceptions of the effect on career advancement, status and reintegration. International peacekeeping, 24(2), 236-253. Available:

Professor in Social Anthropology

Tel: +27 21 808 2090

Phd, Columbia, 1994

Ongoing Interests: Social Movements, Citizenship, Popular Politics

Selected Publications:

  • ROBINS, SL 2019 ‘‘Day Zero’’, hydro-citizenship and the defense of the common in Cape Town: A case study of the politics of water and its infrastructures (2017-2018). Journal of Southern African Studies (JSAS) (in print).JACKSON S, ROBINS SL. Making sense of the politics of sanitation in Cape Town. Social Dynamics-A Journal of African Studies 2018; 44(1):69-87. Available: CJ, ROBINS SL. Drug Patents and Shit Politics in South Africa:Refiguring the Politics of the ‘Scientific’ and the ‘Global’ in Global Health Interventions. In: Bulled N (ed.) Thinking through resistance. A Study of Public Oppositions to Contemporary Global Health Practice, Routledge, NewYork, USA, 2017: 128-141.ROBINS SL. Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument?: Reason, emotion and affect in the post-apartheid public sphere. In: Garman A, Wasserman H (eds.) Media and Citizenship in South Africa: Between Marginalization and Participation, HSRC Press, Cape Town, South Africa, 2017:105-119.ROBINS SL. ‘Thinking Through and Beyond “Competitive Memory” and Hierarchies of Suffering’, The Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry, 2017: 5(1), pp 98-105. Online version available:

Senior lecturer in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2097

Convenor of Postgraduate studies

PhD, Chicago, 2013

Ongoing Interests: Social Theory, Capital and Labour, Governance and Citizenship, Housing, Race, South African Social Sciences. Editor of Social Dynamics.

Selected Publications:

  • DUBBELD B. Friedman’s wrestle with Wolpe and his aspiration to transcend Marxism. Social Dynamics-A Journal of African Studies 2015; 41(3):592-596. Available: B. Capital and the Shifting Grounds of Emancipatory Politics: The Limits of Radical Unionism in Durban Harbor, 1974-85. Critical Historical Studies 2015; 2(1):85-112. Available: B. Democracy as technopolitical future: delivery and discontent in a government settlement in the South African countryside. Anthropology Southern Africa 2017; 40(2):73-84. Available:, B. “How social security becomes social insecurity: unsettled households, crisis talk, and the value of grants in Glendale.” Acta Juridica: Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town 2013: 197-217.DUBBELD, B. Envisioning Governance: expectations and estrangements of transformed rule. Africa: Journal of the International Africa Institute 2013; 83(3): 492-512. Available:

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2096

PhD, University of Warwick, 2008

Ongoing Interests: sociology of language; language in higher education; university transformation; science & technology studies

Call for applications: NRF-funded PhD bursary

Selected Publications:

  • Lloyd Hill (2019 forthcoming) “Language and social space in Nelson Mandela Bay” in Stanley D Brunn and Roland Kehrein (Eds.) Handbook of the Changing World Language Map, Springer.Gugulethu Siziba and Lloyd Hill (2018) “Language and the geo-politics of (dis)location: a study of Zimbabwean Shona and Ndebele speakers in Johannesburg”, Language in Society, 47: 115–139. Vailable: Bekker and Lloyd Hill (2016) “Household language, residential segregation and social mobility: continuity and change in eThekwini, South Africa”, African Population Studies, 30(2): 2255-2274. Available: DOI:10.11564/30-2-809.Lloyd Hill and Analia Meo (2015) “A Bourdieusian approach to academic reading: reflections on a South African teaching experience”, Teaching in Higher Education, 20(8): 845-856. Available: DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2015.1095178.Lloyd Hill and Simon Bekker (2014) “Language, residential space and inequality in Cape Town: broad-brush profiles and trends”, African Population Studies (Supplement on Population Issues in South Africa), 28(1). Available: DOI:10.11564/28-0-523.

Lecturer in Social Anthropology

Tel: +27 21 808 2094

PhD, University of Cape Town

Ongoing Interests: Refugee geopolitics, Migration, Pregnancy and Birthing, Medical Anthropology, Race Theory of the South

Selected Publications:


  • Prah, E and Levine, S (Eds.) (Accepted: Forthcoming 2019) Bodies of Knowledge. Juta, University of Cape Town Press: South Africa.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Prah, E (2015) Embodied urban health and illness in Cape Town: children’s reflections on living in Symphony Way Temporary Relocation Area. Anthropology Southern Africa, DOI:10.1080/23323256.2015.1091742
  • Prah, E (2017) ‘Stratifications of Blackness: Meditations on the intersect of gender, race and age’. Agenda.

Book Reviews:

  • Prah, E. (2018), Trnka, S. One Blue Child: Asthma, Responsibility, and the Politics of Global Health. Stanford: Stanford University Press. 2017. 280pp. ISBN: 978‐1503601130. Sociology Health Illness. DOI:10.1111/1467-9566.12771
  • Prah, E (2017), Crush, J.; Chikanda, A.; Skinner, C. (Eds). Migration, Xenophobia and Entrepreneurship in South Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies (CJSS), DOI:10.1080/03057070.2017.1309851
  • Prah, E (2015), Reynolds, P. War in Worcester: youth and the apartheid state. Anthropology Southern Africa, 38:1-2, 152-154, DOI: 10.1080/23323256.2015.1031260
  • Prah, E (2010-04-15), Nyamnjoh, F. The social life of ‘maids’; Issue 477; Pambazuka Publishing Press:

Policy Briefs:

  • Prah, E The Role Social and Behavioural Change Communication Plays in the Advancement of Sexual and Reproductive Health for Adolescents in Ghana. Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration: Policy Brief.

Chapters in Books/Special Issues:

  • Prah, E (2017) ‘Exploring children’s experiences in a temporary relocation area through theatre and performance’. In Clammer, John and Giri, Ananta Kumar, The Aesthetics of Development: Art, Culture and Social Transformation. Palgrave Macmillan: United Kingdom.
  • Prah, E (Forthcoming, 2018) An Interview with Paul Mason: Reviewing ‘Mason, P. (2016) An Educational Children’s Book about Tuberculosis. Australia: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. Illustrated by Amelia Darmawan’. In Macdonald, H. and Dixon, J. Anthropology Southern Africa

Organisational Workshop Reader:

  • Whande, U and Prah, E (2011) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) A Reader; Centre for the Study Of Violence and Reconciliation (Designed for Facilitation Workshop)

Lecturer in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2091

Ongoing Interests: Industrial sociology, work organization, restructuring, globalization, empowerment legislation, informal economy and crime

Recent Reports: (Currently completing doctoral study on Empowerment legislation at Iscor)

2018 “Social Capital Unionism and Empowerment: Case Study of Solidarity Union” paper presented at Taking Democracy Seriously Survey: Reflecting on Trade Unions in the last 20 years and the Future of the Labour Movement in South Africa conference held at Wits University, Johannesburg.

2018 “Economic empowerment and the welfare state: A case study of empowerment at Iscor and ArcelorMittal of South Africa (AMSA)” paper presented at the South African Sociological Congress held at University of Western Cape, Cape Town.

2016 “Vanderbijlpark and challenge of empowerment legislation: Is Vanderbijlpark still a beacon of hope for change or not?” paper presented at the South African Sociological Congress held at Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

Professor in Sociology

Tell: +27 21 808 2202

PhD Sociology, Natal University

Ongoing Interests: Queer Theory, gender, sexualities, youth, education.

Selected Publications

  • FRANCIS DA. ‘Keeping it straight’ what do South African queer youth say they need from sexuality education?. Journal of youth studies, 2018; 1:1-19. DOI: 10.1080/13676261.2018.1539223 FRANCIS DA. What does the teaching and learning of sexuality education in South African schools reveal about counter-normative sexualities?. Sex Education-Sexuality Society and Learning 2018; 1:1-16. Available: DOI: 10.1080/14681811.2018.1563535.FRANCIS DA, REYGAN F, BROWN A, MCALLISTER J, MOSIME ST, MULLER M, THANI GTQ. A Five Country Study of Gender and Sexuality Diversity and Schooling in Southern Africa. Africa Education Review (Educare) 2018; 1:1-20. Available: DOI: 10.1080/18146627.2017.1359637. FRANCIS, DA. A Review of Gender and Sexuality Diversity and Heterosexism in South African Schools. Journal of LGBT Youth, 2017. Available: FRANCIS, DA. “I think we had one or two of those, but they weren’t really.” Teacher and learner talk on bisexuality in South African schools”, Journal of Bisexuality, 2017; 14(4):359-379. Available:

Associate Professor in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2940

PhD, Birmingham, 1997

Ongoing Interests: Young people, social Identities & inequalities: gender, sexuality, race, age. Participatory research methodologies. Sexuality, HIV and education. Transformation in universities

Selected Publications:

  • PATTMAN RW, CAROLISSEN RL. (2018) Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at South African Universities: An Introduction. In: PATTMAN RW, CAROLISSEN RL (eds.) Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at South African Universities, African Sun Media, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2018: 1-30. PATTMAN RW. (2018)  Feeling at Home or Not at Home: Negotiating gender, sexuality and race in residences in an historically white university in South Africa. In: PATTMAN RW, CAROLISSEN RL (eds.) Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at South African Universities , African Sun Media,Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2018: 197-216.

    PATTMAN RW, CAROLISSEN RL.(2018) Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at South African Universities. African Sun Media, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2018.

     PATTMAN RW, BHANA D. (2017) Learning from the Learners: How Research with Young People Can Provide Models of Good Pedagogic Practice in Sexuality Education in South Africa. In: Allen L, Rasmussen ML (eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Sexuality Education, Springer Nature, London, United Kingdom, 2017: 191-210.

     PATTMAN RW (2015). Ways of thinking about young people in participatory research, In: Wyn, J & Cahill (eds.), Handbook of child and youth studies, Springer, New York.

Professor in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2473/2473

DLitt, University of Natal, 2002

Professor of Sociology at Stellenbosch since 2006 and DST/NRF Research Chair in the Sociology of Land, Environment and Sustainable Development (from 2016)

Ongoing Interests: Land restitution and land reform; environmental sociology; rural development; social identity; social change; gender studies.

Selected Publications

  • 2015 Cousins, Ben and Cherryl Walker (eds.), Land Divided, Land Restored; Land Reform in South Africa for the 21st Century. Johannesburg: Jacana Media.
  • 2015 Sketch Map to the Future: Restitution Unbound. In Ben Cousins and Cherryl Walker (eds.), Land Divided, Land Restored; Land Reform in South Africa for the 21st Century. Johannesburg: Jacana Media.
  • 2014 Critical Reflections on South Africa’s 1913 Natives’ Land Act and its Legacies: Introduction. Journal of Southern African Studies, 40(4).
  • 2013 Uneasy Relations: Women, Gender Equality and Tradition. Thesis 11, (115).
  • 2012 Finite Land: Challenges Institutionalising Land Restitution in South Africa, 1995-2000. Journal of Southern African Studies, 38(4).
  • 2011 Women’s Land Rights in Africa. Synthesis Report of a Ten-Country Study. Addis Ababa: African Women’s Rights Observatory, ECA/ACGS.

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2391

Convenor of Honours programmes

PhD Sociology, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 2010

Ongoing Interests: work, unpaid work, care; social reproduction; gender; feminism; migration.

Selected Publications:

  • FAKIER, K. and COCK, J. Eco-feminist Organizing in South Africa: Reflections on the Feminist Table. Capitalism, nature, socialism  2018; 29(1):40-57. Available: FAKIER K. Women and Renewable Energy in a South African Community: Exploring Energy Poverty and Environmental Racism. Journal of international  women’s studies 2018; 19(5):165-176. Available at: WEBSTER, E, FAKIER, K and METCALFE, A. A quiet revolution in social policy? A case study of a community work program (CWP) in rural South Africa. VI BRICS Academic Forum, Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, IPEA 2014: 297-308. Available: EHMKE, E and FAKIER, K. Conclusion – building new spaces: Responses to insecurity in the global South. In Socio-economic insecurity in emerging economies, Routledge, United Kingdom, 2014: 241-249.  FAKIER, K. and EHMKE, E. (eds). 2014. ‘Socio-Economic Insecurity in Emerging Economies: Building new spaces’ Routledge Earthscan: London.

Lecturer in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2134

946dcca6aeLecturer in Social Anthropology

Tel: +27 808 2420

PhD, Utrecht University, 2017.

Ongoing Interests: Anthropology of Islam, Ethics, Consumption, Sacrifice, Economy, Food.

Selected Publications:

Tayob, Shaheed. 2012. ‘The 2010 World Cup in South Africa: A Millennial Capitalist Moment’. Journal for Southern African Studies 38.3, pp. 717-36.

Tayob, Shaheed. 2016. ‘O you who believe, eat of the ṭayyibāt (pure and wholesome food) which we have provided you’ – The Role of Risk and Expertise in Producing Certified Halal Consumption in South Africa. Journal of Religion in Africa, 46.1, pp. 67-91.

Tayob, S. (2012). The South African Halal Industry: A case of Cultural Intermediaries. Annual Review of Islam in Africa, 11, pp. 49-54.

Book Reviews

Tayob, Shaheed. 2010. ‘Meccanomics: The March of the New Muslim Middle Class by Vali Nasr’. Reviewed in Journal for Islamic Studies (30). pp. 115-17.

Tayob, Shaheed. 2014. Muslim Networks from Hajj to Hip Hop eds Miriam Cooke and Bruce B. Lawrence.

Lecturer in Social Anthropology

Tel: +27 21 808 2098

PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

Ongoing Interests: The South African lottery, Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity, pre-colonial money exchange and financial instruments at the Cape, matric balls

Selected Publications:

  • Van Wyk, Ilana. 2019. “Jacob Zuma’s Shamelessness: Conspicuous Consumption, Politics and Religion”, p. 185-217, in Conspicuous consumption in Africa. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
  • Posel, Deborah & Ilana van Wyk. 2019. “Thinking with Veblen: Case Studies from Africa’s Past and Present” p.1-33, in Conspicuous consumption in Africa. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
  • Posel, Deborah & Ilana van Wyk. (eds), 2019. Conspicuous Consumption in Africa, Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
  • Van Wyk, Ilana. 2018. Fragile wars: Anti-ecumenism in a South African Church. Journal of Southern Africa Studies 44(2): 269-281. Available:
  • Van Wyk, Ilana. 2017. Review of Dhammamegha Annie Leatt, The state of secularism: Negotiating Religion & Tradition through SA’s transition, Bulletin of the National Library of South Africa, 71 (2): 222-226.