Building on the reflection work supported by a GCRF Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures (TESF) grant, Dr Nadia Sitas in collaboration with a range of community activists, researchers, teachers and artists have been awarded another TESF grant to embark on an ambitious year-long action-research and learning journey starting in late 2021.

The project is hosted by a local NGO Amava Oluntu and seeks to understand the role of formal and informal education and learning in supporting sustainable cities and communities. Specifically, the aim of the project is to engage Greater Muizenberg (including the neighbourhoods of Vrygrond and Capricorn) as a ‘living lab and learning centre’ to explore how “learning, living and leading” together in transgressive ways can help break down the walls and bridge our divided communities, to better influence our collective futures.  This project will use a range of creative and transgressive methodologies, including building on the Seeds of Good Anthropocenesapproach developed at the CST.

For more information on this project, contact Nadia Sitas or Co-PI’s Bridget Steffen and Sandile Fanana