CST publications released

A number of publications have been released over the past few weeks providing succinct overviews of various aspects of CST-related work. These are available for download.

MASTERS OPPORTUNITY: Agricultural trade networks

A Masters bursary focusing on Agricultural trade networks in the Western Cape is available for 2020. nterested individuals should have a strong academic track-record, will be expected to be based at the CST and participate in Centre seminars and activities.

MASTERS OPPORTUNITY: Agricultural regime shifts

We seek a Masters student that is interested in contributing to understanding these regime shifts and collecting examples.

MASTERS BURSARY – Telecoupling: trade impacts in Southern Africa

We seek motivated individuals interested to pursue a Masters, who have a keen interest in sustainability, an interest and ability to integrate across the social and natural sciences, and who enjoy collaboration and working in teams.

POSITION: Lecturer/researcher – African economic trends and renewable energy transitions

CST seeks to appoint a researcher with expertise in issues pertinent to Africa, with specific emphasis on renewable energy policies and technology, economic development and governance issues.

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