SU celebrates inauguration of two new UNESCO Chairs

The UNESCO Chair in Complex Systems and Transformative African Futures has been awarded to Associate Professor Rika Preiser and Tanja Hichert, an academically qualified futures and foresight practitioner, who are both based at the Centre for Sustainability Transitions.

A “values crisis” underpins the coupled biodiversity and climate emergency

Dr Nadia Sitas and Prof Alta de Vos, academic researchers at the Centre for Sustainability Transitions at Stellenbosch University, were among a group of global researchers who recently published a groundbreaking study, Diverse Values of Nature in Sustainability, in Nature.

Empowering Change: Kristina Miller’s Journey in Sustainable Development

Kristina Miller, a graduate of the PGDip in Sustainable Development, exemplifies how sustainability can be incorporated into your career as well as every day life.

Arabella Parkinson – Pioneering Sustainability in the Food Industry

In the dynamic realm of culinary arts, some individuals transcend the conventional notions of taste and presentation, embracing a profound responsibility towards the environment and society. Meet Arabella Parkinson, a graduate of the PGDip in Sustainable Development.

Navigating the challenges of grid expansion

The Centre for Sustainability Transitions (CST) participated in a panel discussion presented by Daily Maverick on South Africa’s energy crisis and the urgent need for an upgraded transmission grid. Alboricah Rathupetsane, Junior Researcher at the CST, shares her reflections and highlights from the gathering.

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