Developing a Common Transdisciplinary Research Approach for Innovative Solutions to Food-Energy-Water Challenges

Food, water, and energy are all fundamental resources for communities to thrive.  Megatrends such as demographic and economic growth, changing user practices and rapid urbanisation continue to increase the demand for food, energy, and water globally. This is a crucially important endeavour in Cape Town which faces a triple exposure to interrelated food, energy, and water crises. Addressing challenges related to these sectors for sustainable futures is key.

COVID-19, Africa’s conservation and trophy hunting dilemma

Trophy hunting takes place across much of sub-Saharan Africa with South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania holding the lion’s share of the market. The debate over its utility as a source of conservation revenue takes on a new urgency in the light of COVID-19.

Eastern Cape alliance launches digital network to fight Covid-19 in rural areas

As Covid-19 infections escalate in the Eastern Cape, confusion, misinformation and anxiety are rife. The need for clear, reliable and locally relevant information is urgent, especially in isolated rural communities. A coalition of farmers, students, academics and activists are using WhatsApp messages in vernacular isiXhosa to get the message out.


We seek motivated individuals interested to pursue a PhD linked to two projects, namely the Seeds of Good Anthropocenes initiative and the Social‐ecological regime shifts in the Anthropocene project.

Investing in renewables to replace ageing coal-fired power stations is a no-brainer

If post-Covid-19 economic recovery really is the number one goal, the stimulus that will have the best short- and long-term multiplier effects will be a massive investment programme in renewables.

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