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Assessing the outcomes of implementing natural open space plans in a Global South city

Wessels, N., Sitas, N., O'Farrell, P., and Esler, K.J.
Publication: Landscape and Urban Planning
2021 - Journal Articles

We present a practical approach to assess the outcomes of implementing natural open space plans in urban areas, especially for the local (municipal) level where resource challenges may hinder assessment.

Grounding global environmental assessments through bottom-up futures based on local practices and perspectives

Pereira, L., Asrar, G., Bhargava, R., Fisher, L., Hsu, A., Jabbour, J., Nel, J., Selomane, O., Sitas, N., Trisos, C., Ward, J., van den Ende, M., Vervoort, J. & Weinfurter, A.
Publication: Sustainability Science
2021 - Journal Articles

The rapid pace and scale of societal and environmental changes in the anthropocene necessitate important changes in how integrated scientific assessments are carried out to account for such changes from local to regional and global levels. Contemporary global environmental assessments are shifting focus from only synthesizing the current state of knowledge towards understanding transformations and interventions needed to mitigate and manage environmental risks

Engaging with complexity in resilience practice

M.M. Sellberg, A. Quinlan, R. Preiser, K. Malmborg and G. D. Peterson
Publication: Ecology and Society
2021 - Journal Articles

This study synthesizes lessons from how twelve cases of social-ecological resilience practice are engaging with complexity. We assessed how each case engaged with complexity, according to a framework of six features of complex adaptive systems. The cases are situated in a diversity of contexts.

The influence of biophysical and socio-economic factors on the effectiveness of private land conservation areas in preventing natural land cover loss across South Africa

Alta De Vos
Publication: Global Ecology and Conservation
2021 - Journal Articles

There is growing recognition of the potential for private land to contribute to global conservation efforts. Private land conservation areas (PLCAs) complement state-owned protected areas by increasing the total area available for biodiversity conservation, protecting species and habitats in threatened landscapes that are under-represented in state-owned protected areas and increasing the diversity of tenure types and conservation models that protect and manage biodiversity. Protected areas with different conservation models are likely to respond differently to social-ecological stressors.

Patchwork Earth: navigating pathways to just, thriving, and sustainable futures

Elena M. Bennett, Reinette Biggs, Garry D. Peterson, and Line J. Gordon
Publication: One Earth
2021 - Journal Articles

Different regions, with different contexts and values, will follow different sustainability transformation pathways, giving rise to tensions and opportunities as the outcomes of regional pathways interact. To navigate these changes, we need a better understanding of how regional pathways interact to produce outcomes for people and nature.