(Re)imagining youth visions of nature-futures in the Global South

We need visions of nature-futures as imagined by the youth (aged 18-30yrs), who will be the stewards of our planet in decades to come. And importantly, we need more visions of the future that are inspired by the lives and experiences of youth from the Global South.

Coordinating food systems for Sonderwater

Young, promising ecologist Reinhold Mangundu has been running and coordinating an initiative of the Progress Namibia Project which seeks to improve the food systems of the Sonderwater Community.

Load shedding will cripple our economic recovery – we must bring renewables onstream fast

Urgent steps must be taken this year to bring the cheapest and most reliable energy on to the grid within the next three years.

A New Deal for the Ocean

The ocean is a commons that humanity depends on for its survival. We need to reimagine the future governance of the ocean that draws on new literature and global activism. We need to rethink our relationship with the ocean. The extent of humanity’s dependence on the ocean is becoming more and more evident, but strategies

Entrepreneurship in Africa

Entrepreneurship in Africa is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, enterprise support organisations (ESOs) have been hailed for pioneering a new continental innovation era of technology entrepreneurship.

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