The principles which underlie quality knowledge co-production

In a new paper in Nature Sustainability, authors including CST's Prof Oonsie Biggs and Prof Belinda Reyers propose a set of general principles that underlie high-quality knowledge co-production for sustainability research.

Experiential Learning through a Design-Build in Morocco

In early 2018, Sharné Bloem, with a background in architecture and currently a researcher at Centre for Complex Systems in Transition and the support of Prof Mark Swilling, entered the Solar Decathlon Africa competition with a design proposal for a net-zero-energy house for the African context.

INTERVIEW: Dr Hayley Clements

Dr Hayley Clements was interviewed on Radio Pulpit to discuss winning the inaugural Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant, for her research titled: “Quantifying the Biodiversity Planetary Boundary for Africa.”

Blockchain is decrypting Africa’s future in renewables

Just a few years ago, the notion of a consumer-driven energy sector was unheard of, much less within the African context. Fast-forward to 2019, and blockchain is opening a new energy chapter, driven by smart technologies.

PODCAST: Large-scale renewables = large-scale local benefits?

Listen to an interview with Holle Wlokas discussing the TENTRANS project and the ability of large-scale renewables to deliver local benefits.

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