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TRANSFORMATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE for Development of a Wellbeing Economy in Africa

Desta Mebratu & Mark Swilling
2019 - Books & Special Issues

African countries face unprecedented challenges of defining a future development pathway in a resource- and carbon-constrained world. This book addresses this challenge, with special reference to the set of infrastructure that most African countries require to meet the sustainable development goals and fulfil the aspirations of Agenda 2063. Infrastructure is a key factor that determines how resource and energy flow and transform through socio-economic systems.

Decisions made today by African countries on their infrastructural configuration will determine the inclusivity, resource intensity and climate resilience of their development pathways for decades to come. This book is a product of a two‑year research conducted by a group of African scholars who have an extensive academic and practical experience on the development of key infrastructure sectors in Africa.

Exploring resilience through the stories of food innovators in the Western Cape, South Africa

Lindow, M., Biggs, R., Preiser, R. and Pereira, L.
Publication: GRAID Policy Brief
2020 - Books & Special Issues

This book explores ‘storymaking’ as a way of unpacking some of the different capacities that social innovators in the food system of the Western Cape, South Africa, are drawing on in their efforts towards resilience.

Food, Energy and Water Sustainability: Emergent Governance Strategies

Laura M. Pereira, Caitlin A. McElroy, Alexandra Littaye, Alexandra M. Girard
Publication: Earthscan, Routledge
2018 - Books & Special Issues

Untamed Urbanism

Allen, D., Lampis, A. & Swilling, M. (Eds).
Publication: New York: Routledge
2015 - Books & Special Issues

Just transitions: Explorations of sustainability in an unfair world

Swilling, M. & Annecke, E.
Publication: Cape Town: UCT
2012 - Books & Special Issues