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Food, Energy and Water Sustainability: Emergent Governance Strategies

Laura M. Pereira, Caitlin A. McElroy, Alexandra Littaye, Alexandra M. Girard
Publication: Earthscan, Routledge
2018 - Books & Special Issues

Untamed Urbanism

Allen, D., Lampis, A. & Swilling, M. (Eds).
Publication: New York: Routledge
2015 - Books & Special Issues

Just transitions: Explorations of sustainability in an unfair world

Swilling, M. & Annecke, E.
Publication: Cape Town: UCT
2012 - Books & Special Issues

Greening the South African Economy

Mark Swilling, Josephine Musango, Jeremy Wakeford
2016 - Books & Special Issues

Critical Complexity: Collected Essays by Paul Cilliers

Cilliers, P. Editor(s): Preiser, R.
Publication: De Gruyter
2016 - Books & Special Issues