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Towards Equitable Urban Resilience in the Global South Within a Context of Planning and Management

Sitas, N., Selomane, N., Hamann, M. and Gaudier, S.
Publication: Urban Ecology in the Global South
2020 - Book Chapters

The future of the world is an urban one. This will be especially evident in cities and
urban spaces in the Global South which are predicted to account formore than half of
theworld’s population by 2050.

Scenarios for Just and Sustainable Futures in the Miombo Woodlands

Sitas, N,; Selomane, O. & Pereira, L.
Publication: Miombo Woodlands in a Changing Environment: Securing the Resilience and Sustainability of People and Woodlands
2020 - Book Chapters

Drawing on data and information from numerous studies conducted in the last 20 years, the book presents a comparative analysis of policy changes and management experiences in the countries concerned.

Flows, Infrastructures and the African Urban Transition

Swilling, M., Musango, J., Robinson, B. & Peter., C.
Publication: In Frantzeskaki, N., Castan Broto, V., Coenen, L. & Loorbach, D. (Eds). Urban Sustainability Transitions. Routledge.
2017 - Book Chapters

Advances in Food Security and Sustainability in South Africa

S Drimie, L Pereira
Publication: Advances in Food Security and Sustainability
2016 - Book Chapters

Reflections on Building Resilience: Interactions among Principles and Implications for Governance

Schlüter M, R Biggs, ML Schoon, MD Robards, JM Anderies
Publication: Principles for Building Resilience: Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Social-Ecological Systems.
2015 - Book Chapters