CST WEBINAR SERIES: ‘Slowly Slowly The Egg Begins to Walk’ — Reflections on the Ethiopian conflict

This talk will give a personal perspective on the ethnic war taking place in Ethiopia. It will discuss the history that has led to this point. It will raise questions about the environmental and cultural consequences of the conflict and what resilience could mean in this context.

MONACO OCEAN WEEK: Which knowledge for which sustainable ocean governance?

Tanya Brodie Rudolph will be sharing a vision for redefining humanity’s relationship with the ocean at Monaco Ocean Week.

CST WEBINAR SERIES: Applying Systems Thinking to Managing Projects

In this webinar, Prof Sankaran and Prof Drouin will explore how they developed the Viable Governance Model for project management and how it could be applied to accelerate the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

CST WEBINAR SERIES: How do privileged insiders become change agents? A study of institutional volition

In this webinar Cecile will explore what it means to be a change agent - especially as a priveliged insider.

 The Age of Sustainability: Just Transitions in a Complex World – Chapter 2

Join us as we continue our journey through the pages of The Age of Sustainability: Just Transitions in a Complex World.

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