CST ONLINE Colloquium: The Covid-19 Crisis and the Cape Town Drought – Joining the Dots

Log in and join us for our weekly CST lunchtime seminar happening online this Thursday.

CST Colloquium: Social-ecological fire dynamics in the Kalahari

Bring your lunch and join us for our weekly CST lunchtime seminar happening this Thursday.

Mix and mingle with Transforming Change in Cape Town

The Swedish Ambassador, Cecilia Julin, invites you to attend a mix and mingle at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The mingle is to meet participants from and learn about Transforming Change, a capacity development programme.

CST Colloquium: The Politics of Nature

This Thursday's colloquium is an opportunity to have you playfully explore a new kind of political reality. A political reality based on empiricism, where decisions are based not on what a small elite of humans desire, but on the needs of every being.

COMPLEXITY DIALOGUE SERIES: Exploring new research insights for funding, commissioning and social change in complexity

How can organisations improve the funding, commissioning and performance management of social interventions (across the public, private and voluntary sectors) by applying complexity theory to create a critique of New Public Management approaches, particularly highlighting the problems created by attempts to use Outcome-Based Performance Management (e.g. Payment by Results) in complex environments. 

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