CST WEBINAR SERIES: Why Amazon’s River Club Development is not Sustainable

Make the Liebeek Matter is a campaign pitted against Amazon setting up headquarters on a unique heritage and ecologically sensitive riverine area along the Liesbeek River. Tauriq and Leslie are leaders of the campaign and will share with us the significance of the site and the potential impact of the development which has deep resonance for a history of indigenous struggle.

CST WEBINAR SERIES: Spatial Justice – reflecting on the formal-informal interface in contemporary architecture and urbanism

In this webinar we will discuss the notion of “in[formal]ity as a dialectic whole to replace the dichotomy of formal vs. Informal”, as developed by Perold. This position allows a better understanding of the continuous production of urban space through both formal and informal practices, through top-down planning and every day appropriations by different actors.

CST WEBINAR SERIES: (Re)imagining youth visions of nature-futures in the Global South

We currently lack visions for nature futures inspired by the lives and perspectives of young people, particularly those from the Global South. In response to this need and with support from the Norwegian Environment Agency and the USAID Resilient Waters project, teams from South Africa and Brazil engaged with youth from Southern Africa and South America to explore and capture how they see their nature futures

CST WEBINAR SERIES: Cyclone Idai and community resilience

The presentation is based on the findings of the USAID funded Resilient Waters Program project assessing the impacts of Cyclone Idai  in Mozambique and Zimbabwe and possibilities to strengthen community resilience.  It discusses the impacts of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and Zimbabwe with particular reference to the BuPuSa transboundary river basins.

CST WEBINAR SERIES: Rethinking Public Governance for Systems Change

This webinar will focus on lessons learnt from Economic Development Partnership practice, drawing on the example of the Western Cape Government Whole of Society Approach Project, to unpack the opportunities for, and challenges of, implementing innovative governance practices.

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