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Towards nature-based resilience in infrastructure development and assessment

Dr Michelle Audouin and Dr Nadia Sitas
Publication: GRAID Policy Brief
2020 - Reports & Policy Briefs

Infrastructure is critical to Africa’s development and its ability to address poverty. Achieving Africa’s development aspirations hinges on ensuring equitable access, not only to basic infrastructure such as water and sanitation systems, new electricity lines, roads and storm water drainage; but also to enhanced access to telecommunications and modern agricultural technologies for food security.

Resilience and Sustainable Peace

Downing, A.S., Spijkers, J., Norström, A. & Preiser, R.
Publication: GRAID Policy Brief
2020 - Reports & Policy Briefs

A system in conflict can also be resistant to peacebuilding efforts, locked into dynamics that reinforce and reproduce causes of tensions. Resilience thinking and the science on transformations can help identify leverage points for change and inform on how to use shocks and disturbances to spur renewal and innovative thinking.

Youth attitudes towards agricultural careers in South Africa

Metelerkamp, L., Biggs, R. and Drimie, S.
Publication: CST Research insights
2019 - Reports & Policy Briefs

The development of local support networks and visible role models offers a promising entry point for supporting increased youth participation and systemic change in the food system.

The multiple dimensions of equity in sustainable development

Wong, G., Downing, A., Selomane, O. and Sitas, N.
Publication: CST Key Concepts
2019 - Reports & Policy Briefs

This brief aims to clarify some of the key dimensions of the concept of equity.

CST RESEARCH INSIGHTS: Biological Invasions – Implications for biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being

Shackleton, R. and Biggs, R.
Publication: CST Research Insights
2019 - Reports & Policy Briefs

Biological invasions arise from the human-mediated spread of organisms out of their native range to new areas of the world whether purposefully or accidentally.