Towards an understanding of corporate (dis)engagement with social justice advocacy

Author(s): Jones, L & Smit, A.
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Publication: African Journal of Business Ethics
Year: 2022
Full reference: Jones, L. & Smit, A. 2022. Towards an understanding of corporate (dis)engagement with social justice advocacy.African Journal of Business Ethics Vol. 16 No. 1 (2022): AJOBE 16(1) 2022


If it can be argued that companies should engage with social justice advocacy, what factors might deter them from doing so?  This question is pursued in a qualitative research study with participants from corporate and social justice organisations.  Six inhibiting factors are identified: a lack of understanding of social justice concepts; fear of reputational risk; short-term profit orientation; a compliance mindset; disconnectedness from operating environment; and recognition that business purpose will determine its societal engagement. This research extends the theoretical and practice boundaries of corporate social responsibility, while also advocating for an intensified engagement of management education with social justice in practice.