CST COLLOQUIUM: Art of Sympoiethics – A Performative Presentation

Join us for a colloquium on Thursday, 23 February 2023, featuring Dr Miche Fabre Lewin and Dr Flora Gathorne-Hardy. Both are Co-founders of Studio Fabre Hardy and Artist Research Associates with the Institute of Sustainability, Equity and Resilience at Coventry University. They will be presenting a performative presentation on the "Art of Sympoiethics".

CST COLLOQUIUM: Flows, Transitions and Radical Incrementalism

Prof Mark Swilling Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Development at Stellenbosch University and Co-Director of the Centre for Sustainability Transitions on Flows, Transitions and Radical Incrementalism: Rhizomatic Reflections on a World in Transition Thursday, 16 February 2023, 13:00 – 14:00 Please join us in-person at the CST 19 Jonkershoek Road Stellenbosch If you are unable to connect

CST COLLOQUIUM: Exploring innovative social-ecological transdisciplinary research: Bringing together the Arts, Science and Technology

Join us as Dr. John van Breda and Berry Wessels take us through the fascinating topic that is Exploring innovative social-ecological transdisciplinary research – Bringing together the Arts, Science and Technology.

SES Research Methods Website Launch

Join us as we unveil the new SES Methods website. The launch will feature an introduction and tour of the website, reflections by leading SES researchers and students, and discussions on future plans to further conversations about SES methods.

CST COLLOQUIUM: The Resilience of Wildlife Ranching in a Changing World

Join us as Dr. Hayley Clements takes us through the fascinating topic that is the Resilience of wildlife ranching in a changing world.

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