The Art of Complexity: Reflections on Musical and Poetic Performance as Emergent Phenomena

CST in collaboration with the Dutch-based Comenius Leergangen, is hosting an integrated lecture and performance at the University Museum Lobby in Stellenbosch taking place on Thursday 8 Nov from 19h00-21h00 at Stellenbosch University Museum. This format makes it possible to elucidate certain complex phenomena by means of sounding musical references and poetic practices. Reciprocally, it practically facilitates reflections on artistic practices informed by complexity-based perspectives.   At its core the performance attempts to demonstrate that what is musical or poetic in music and poetry cannot be made but, by creating suitably conducive conditions, at best be engendered to emerge. Concurrently it wishes to show that suitably conducive conditions may often be found in unexpected moments and spaces.

Intersections of gender and resilience in social-ecological development

Focussing on gender and development in framing responses to Anthropocene challenges calls us to consider the many ways in which difference between men and women are socially constructed.

The Politics of Prefixes: Anthropocene Dialogue Series

The human condition as we have known it in the modern era is on the verge of substantial change. ‘Posthumanism’ and ‘Transhumanism’ name perhaps the two most prominent forks on the road. Prof Fuller shall explore the implications of this divide and how these might be resolved.

SASSA case study: launch of a new study by the State Capacity Research Group

How One Word Can Change the Game: Case Study Of State Capture And The South African Social Security Agency seeks to shed light on how the shadow state operates and manoeuvres alongside and within formal government structures.

Soil, Soul & Society: Reflections on South Africa’s renewable energy landscape

This conversation with Brenda Martin will reflect briefly on her experience as an energy practitioner who has immersed herself equally in the work of community-owned distributed energy, national energy policy and utility-scale renewable power supply.

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