Love in the time of Corona

I believe that love and empathy can indeed help us survive the wave of despair surging through society right now.

Perspectives on women in science

In light of International Women’s Day some of the CST team share their reflections on the place of women in science.

The principles which underlie quality knowledge co-production

In a new paper in Nature Sustainability, authors including CST's Prof Oonsie Biggs and Prof Belinda Reyers propose a set of general principles that underlie high-quality knowledge co-production for sustainability research.

Experiential Learning through a Design-Build in Morocco

In early 2018, Sharné Bloem, with a background in architecture and currently a researcher at Centre for Complex Systems in Transition and the support of Prof Mark Swilling, entered the Solar Decathlon Africa competition with a design proposal for a net-zero-energy house for the African context.

INTERVIEW: Dr Hayley Clements

Dr Hayley Clements was interviewed on Radio Pulpit to discuss winning the inaugural Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant, for her research titled: “Quantifying the Biodiversity Planetary Boundary for Africa.”

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