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Towards integrated food policy: Main challenges and steps ahead

Jeroen J.L. Candela, and Laura Pereira
In: Environmental Science and Policy
2017 - Journal Articles

A systems approach to understanding the effect of Facebook use on the quality of interpersonal communication

Davies M, Musango JK, Brent AC
In: Technology in Society
2016 - Journal Articles

Probing uncertainty levels of electrification in informal urban settlements: A case from South Africa

Kovacic Z, Smit S, Musango J, Brent AC, Giampietro M
In: Habitat International
2016 - Journal Articles

Utilizing international networks for accelerating research and learning in transformational sustainability science

Keeler LW, A Wiek1, DJ Lang, M Yokohari, J van Breda, L Olsson, B Ness, J Morato, J Segalas, P Martens, LA Bojorquez-Tapia, J Evans
In: Sustainability Science
2016 - Journal Articles

Renewable energy gathers steam in South Africa

Walwyn DR, Brent AC
In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
2015 - Journal Articles