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The guiding logics and principles for designing emergent transdisciplinary research processes: learning experiences and reflections from a transdisciplinary urban case study in Enkanini informal settlement, South Africa

Van Breda, J., Swilling, M.
Publisher: Sustainability Science
2018 - Journal Articles

Navigating alternative framings of human-environment interactions: Variations on the theme of ‘Finding Nemo’

Rika Preiser, Laura M. Pereira, Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs
Publisher: Anthropocene
2017 - Journal Articles

Causation, constructors and codes

Jannie Hofmeyr
Publisher: Biosystems
2017 - Journal Articles

Multiscale scenarios for nature futures

Isabel M. D. Rosa, Henrique M. Pereira, Simon Ferrier, Rob Alkemade, Lilibeth A. Acosta, H. Resit Akcakaya, Eefje den Belder, Asghar M. Fazel, Shinichiro Fujimori, Mike Harfoot, Khaled A. Harhash, Paula A. Harrison, et al.
Publisher: Nature Ecology & Evolution
2017 - Journal Articles

A diagnostic framework for food system governance arrangements: The case of South Africa

Catrien J.A.M. Termeer; Scott Drimie; John Ingram; Laura Pereira; Mark J. Whittingham
Publisher: NJAS - Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences
2017 - Journal Articles