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Consequences of recreational hunting for biodiversity conservation and livelihoods

E.D. Minin, H.S. Clements, R.A. Correia, G. Cortes-Capano, C. Fink, A. Haukka, A. Hausmann, R. Kulkarni, and C.J.A. Bradshaw
Publication: One Earth
2021 - Journal Articles

We provide an overview of the peer-reviewed literature on recreational hunting of terrestrial birds and mammals between 1953 and 2020.

Culturally diverse expert teams have yet to bring comprehensive linguistic diversity to intergovernmental ecosystem assessments

- Journal Articles

To incorporate more linguistic diversity into global ecosystem assessment processes, we present actionable steps for global science teams to recognize and incorporate non-English-language literature and contributions from non-Anglophones.

Supporting transformative climate adaptation: community-level capacity building and knowledge co-creation in South Africa

Gina Ziervogel, Johan Enqvist, Luke Metelerkamp & John van Breda
Publication: Climate Policy
2021 - Journal Articles

Given that marginalized communities are highly vulnerable to climate risk, it is important to build their capacity to adapt locally and to integrate their perspectives into higher level adaptation measures. Current adaptation policy does not pay sufficient attention to this. Using a Cape Town-based project on water governance in low income urban settlements, this paper explores how a transdisciplinary research project supported capacity building.

Informality and water justice: community perspectives on water issues in Cape Town’s low income neighbourhoods

Johan Enqvist, Gina Ziervogel, Luke Metelerkamp, John van Breda, Ntombikayise Dondi, Thabo Lusithi, Apiwe Mdunyelwa , Zinzi Mgwigwi, Mpumelelo Mhlalisi, Siya Myeza, Gciniwe Nomela, Ann October, Welekazi Rangana & Maggie Yalabi
Publication: International Journal of Water Resources Development
2020 - Journal Articles

Water justice requires attention be paid to the range of everyday realities that exist in the spectrum from formal to informal settlements.

The GRIN Meeting: A ‘third place’ for managers and scholars of social-ecological systems

Roux, D. Clements, H., Currie, B., Fritz, H., Gordon, P., Kruger, N. & Freitag-Ronaldson, S.
Publication: South African Journal of Science
2020 - Journal Articles

The Garden Route Interface and Networking (GRIN) Meeting was initiated in 2017 with the aim of creating a third place for dialogue on, and advancement of, research and practice dealing with the interactions between natural and social systems, and with how those interactions affect the challenge of sustainability. Held in the Garden Route over 3 days during September–October of each year