Glenn Ashton

PhD Candidate, School of Public Leadership

Supervisors: Prof Scott Drimie, Dr. Rika Preiser

Field of research

  • Food and nutritional security
  • Complexity studies, socio-ecological systems and agricultural sustainability
  • Governance and policy


Glenn has worked across a broad range of disciplines, founded in geographical studies. His primary interest lies in grappling with the challenges of food and nutritional security. Two decades of involvement with the debate around genetically engineered food crops led him toward a detailed examination of the alternatives to industrial agriculture and an interest in developing policies capable of shifting us toward a more sustainable range of food production options.

He aims to expand his scholarship through the Ph.D. process to gain greater insight into addressing the related social, economic and environmental inequity in the food system. This work will simultaneously seek to address the contradictions between sustainability and the exponential growth pursued by the corporate-political nexus.

Glenn finds the emerging acceptance of multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary studies, combined with the use of complexity-based analysis to understand socio-ecological systems profoundly stimulating and rich in promise.