Transfrontier collaboration for integrating conservation and livelihoods. 

Thursday, June 25th from 13:00—14:00 (GMT+2)
This webinar will take place online
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Join us for a Webinar in our new CST series of Webinars 

Nature in Cities in times of Crisis

This series brings together scientists, practitioners and societal actors who use the frameworks of complexity and resilience thinking in their daily work to make sense of the complex dynamics of change and transformative processes. There will be a special focus on how these ideas and practices are used in current times and how local and regional processes and perspectives are being shaped by applying the theoretical concepts and tools for fostering more resilient organisations, communities and decision-making strategies.

In this webinar we will explore the role of urban nature-based solutions in enhancing human well-being and resilience to climate change and other stressors in cities of the Global South. We reflect on lessons learned from COVID-19 for urban planning and design, and discuss the implications of inequalities and politics for the development and management of urban “green” spaces.

Dr Sumetee Gajjar (Associate, PlanAdapt)
Jessica Kavonic (ICLEI)
Moderator: Dr Maike Hamann

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Description automatically generatedDr Sumetee Gajjar has more than a decade’s experience in policy advocacy on climate change adaptation, ecosystems-based solutions and sustainable development. She collaborates with multiple institutions to understand the role of nature-based solutions in reducing social-ecological vulnerability to climate change impacts in the Global South. She has contributed to books on urban resilience planning, climate justice, and transformative climate adaptation, with a Global South focus, through her association with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS). Sumetee’s writing and policy interests lie at the confluence of transformative climate action, urban resilience and nature conservation, with an emphasis on justice and local empowerment.

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Description automatically generatedJess Kavonic is part of ICLEI Africa’s Resilience team. She is the Senior Professional Officer for Climate Change and Urban Natural Assets at ICLEI Africa and has a background in atmospheric science with a specialised knowledge of climate change and its relationship with a sustainable approach to development. She has many years’ experience working with and for local governments, working to improve urban human well-being, build climate resilience, strengthen local sustainability and protect the natural asset base in cities through influencing development policies and planning systems. Among other projects, Jess manages the UNA (Urban Natural Assets) Africa Programme, which aims to support the local implementation of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets to conserve and protect nature in cities in sub-Saharan Africa.