Merin Jacob

Download CV (PDF) Supervisors: Dr. Maike Hamann, Prof. Mark Swilling

Field of research

  • Just Urban Transitions 
  • Socio-technical and social-ecological imaginaries 
  • Africanfuturism/ African science fiction 


Merin Raju Jacob’s research looks at the intersection of the African Urban Transition and the narratives that drive the transition, combining a love of cities with the allure of the power of story. Merin’s intellectual project is grounded in images of the future, focusing on Future African Cities through the socio-technical and social-ecological imaginaries that are emerging from African science fiction (Africanfuturism).  

Merin is invested in expanding the frontiers of knowledge emerging from the African continent because as the world becomes less predictable, more polycultured, requiring creativity and agility to navigate, there is much that the world can learn from Africa. 

Merin holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Future Studies which led her from design and engineering into complex systems.