The Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS)

The Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS) forms part of the Special Collections Division of the Music Library, within the Library and Information Service, and is located in the Music Department.

Domus was established in 2005 as a research project at the University of Stellenbosch. DOMUS was created in order to promote music in South Africa and Africa by collecting, preserving, ordering and cataloguing the music and documentary collections of composers, performing artists, musicologists and music institutions.

It has grown in size and scope from 20 collections in 2005 to more than 60 collections of increasing diversity. Although the basis for DOMUS was laid from a predominantly Western art music perspective, the scope of these collections has now been broadened to include indigenous African orally composed and notated music, popular music and jazz from various historical periods and communities, aiming to reflect South African demographics. The DOMUS holdings include the collections of Anton Goosen, Graham Newcater, Michael Blake, John Simon, Albert Coates, Charles Weich (former critic for Die Burger newspaper), Rosa Nepgen, Aryan Kaganof, the Eoan Opera Group, NewMusicSA, the Stellenbosch University Music Department (Konservatorium), the Stellenbosch University Choir, Ben Segal, David Marks and the South African Jewish Music Centre.

Developing from its core function as a national music archive, the vision for DOMUS is that it shall be an internationally leading environment when it comes to co-production and the development of new forms of knowledge and new innovation fields within archival practice, music research, musical performance, music composition and music technology.

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Santie de Jongh (Special Collections Librarian)

Tel.: +27 21 808 2597

Visits by Appointment

Physical address:

Music Library/DOMUS
Department of Music
Neethling Street

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Music Library: DOMUS
Private Bag X5036
Matieland, 7602
South Africa