Music Mingle

The aim of the Music Mingle is to serve as a platform for young musicians from various walks of life to share in a musical experience while being given an opportunity to visit the music department at Stellenbosch University. The program is open to learners with or without musical experience which makes it a special experience for everyone involved. Not only is this an opportunity for learners to ‘mingle’ but also an opportunity where facilitators and teachers can meet and build connections with other institutions and organisations.

A typical Music Mingle program includes: a sectional rehearsal, a tour of the SU music department, an instrument demonstration session, and a full ensemble play through.

2017 Music Mingle: Fri 16 June

A brief history of the Music Mingle Program

This initiative started in 2013 with 20 children from one music project participating in a two hour event. In 2014 this number increased to 45 children from two different music projects and a primary school music department. In 2015, there were over 70 young children from three music projects and two primary schools that participated in the event. On 16 June 2016 roughly 90 children from schools and music projects participated in the lengthened 4½ hour event. The Music Mingle has now become an annual event where we invite various groups to share in this music making experience.