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What should I prepare for the audition?

Three contrasting works of own choice, reflecting your level of musical understanding and technical skill, will be required. The panel of three lecturers will select two of the works to be performed, although all three works may in some cases be required. The works (or part of works) do not need to exceed 20 minutes. Should works be of a longer duration, candidates may be asked to perform a certain part only.

What is the required level of performance?

Candidates applying for BMus or Diploma studies should have reached a minimum performance level equivalent to that of grade 7. However, we do not require candidates to have passed the examination. This is merely a guideline to know approximately what level of performance is expected. However, other music courses such as Higher Certificate are also available for candidates who have not reached a level required for BMus or Diploma studies.

What is the duration of the audition?

The audition will be not more than 20 minutes in total.

Should I prepare scales?

Pianists need to prepare scales for the audition.

Will I be required to sight read?

Yes, sight reading will be required.

Should I provide a curriculum vitae (CV) or certificates of examinations that I have passed?

No, we do not require your CV or certificates of examinations that you have passed. The decision of the panel will be based on your performance at the audition as well as the results of your access theory test.

Should I organise a piano accompanist to accompany me for the audition?

Instrumentalists and singers who perform works that are composed with piano accompaniment, will be required to ask an accompanist to accompany them for the audition.

Will I be responsible for the remuneration of the accompanist?

Yes, accompanist fees will be for the pocket of the candidates.

Should I hand in a set of copies of the sheet music I will be performing at the audition?

Yes, one set of copies of your sheet music to be performed, should be handed in to the panel.

May I apply for a departmental scholarship?

All candidates will automatically be considered for a departmental scholarship.

Will the audition be recorded?

Yes, all auditions will be recorded on DVD, since all auditions will be considered for scholarships that will need to be viewed by all staff members for voting.

Will the audition and the theoretical access test be done on the same day?

Yes, your audition and the theoretical access test will be done on the same day. Thus, candidates will be required to keep the entire day free. Should your performance (practical) audition be scheduled in the morning, the theoretical test will be written in the afternoon, or vice versa.

What will be the duration of the theoretical test?

The music theory, aural skills and keyboard skills will be tested within two and a half hours.

Should I also audition on my second instrument?

Candidates do not need to audition for a second instrument in August or September. However, candidates who will be accepted for their first instrument, will be expected to play a short audition in the week prior to registration when classes start at the beginning of the new academic year, usually at the end of January. This is for placement purposes. Candidates who intend to register with their second instrument on the same level as their first instrument, thus both instruments on A-level, should audition on the selected audition dates in August or September. Candidates who would like to study choral conducting should contact Mr Martin Berger at or orchestral conducting Prof Corvin Matei at to enquire about the requirements for auditions.

If I do not have a second instrument and intend to study BMus or Diploma, what happens?

Students who have been accepted for studies will be required to do a placement test on their second instruments before classes start in February. Should a student not have played a second instrument or have not reached a level of playing equivalent to that of grade 4, students may take a bridging course in their first year. These students will then be taking a secondary instrument for three years where students who have been playing a secondary instrument before, usually take the module for two years.

Are keyboard skills tested when I do the access test?

Yes, very basic keyboard skills will be tested.

Can I download a sample paper of the theory access test to prepare myself beforehand?

Yes, a sample paper of the theoretical access test will be available for downloading towards the end of May.

When will I be informed of the results of the audition?

Candidates will be informed of audition results by e-mail, not later than two weeks after the audition. The quickest way to see your results is to go onto your MyMaties account.

If I have not met the lecturers before, should I indicate a lecturer of preference?

You do not need to indicate a lecturer of preference. However, should you wish, you may indicate a lecturer of preference at the audition. Successful candidates will be placed with lecturers upon the discretion of the panel and their availability.

What happens if the lecturer of preference’s name is not on the list given?

Part-time faculty members are appointed upon student numbers and availability. Successful candidates will be placed with lecturers upon the discretion of the panel and their availability. Should you wish, you may indicate your preferred lecturer beforehand by writing an e-mail to Yolanda Botha at

May my parents or friends be present at the audition?

Unfortunately, auditions are not open to the public, and thus parents or friends are not allowed to enter the audition venues.

When will I be informed of the time of my audition and access test?

Candidates will be informed of the exact time and venue of the audition and access test not later than two weeks prior to the audition.

What should I do if my accompanist can be present at a specific time only?

A candidate should inform Yolanda Botha as soon as possible should their accompanist be unavailable for a part of the audition date selected. She can be contacted at

What should I do if I live far from Stellenbosch and cannot be present to audition on the specific audition dates?

A candidate who lives outside the boarders of South Africa or who cannot audition on the specific audition dates, may submit an unedited DVD, where three contrasting works are being performed. This arrangement should be discussed  beforehand and permission to do so may be given upon discretion. The DVD may then be sent to Yolanda Botha at via Dropbox or an electronic link. However, arrangements to write the theoretical access test should be made.

What if I don’t get accepted for the BMus course I applied for? Are there other options?

Candidates who do not have the required skills, but show potential, may be accepted, provided that they do supplementary work (e.g. modules from the Certificate programme). Alternatively, students might first be encouraged to complete the entire year of the Higher Certificate programme before they reapply for admission to the BMus programme. Students whose practical work is of sufficient standard but who are not on the required academic/theoretical level could also be advised to enter the three-year Diploma (Practical Music) rather than a degree programme.

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