KOMPOS (Komponiste van Stellenbosch) is an organisation founded within the Music Department of Stellenbosch University. The project focuses on the promotion of student composers studying at the university through the performance and dissemination of their new works on a continuous basis. Each semester sees a concert of premières of works by the composition students of Stellenbosch University. Since its conception in 2010, the project has resulted in a large number of performances of new compositions.

As its name suggests (Compost), the project’s focus is to establish a nurturing and stimulating environment for the students of the SU Music Department. The project therefore strives to create a platform of opportunities to composers, conductors, and performers alike. KOMPOS also views inter-disciplinary interactions in high regard. Collaboration with the other fine arts departments (Drama and Visual Arts) is considered by many a unique and meaningful aspect of the KOMPOS project.