Certificate programme partners

The Certificate Programmes in Music fall under the Centre for Community Music, which provides a music programme that caters for those who have little or no access to formal music education. Community musicians can enhance their music literacy skills, and students who wish to continue with higher education can advance their musical and academic competencies, which increases their chance of gaining access to tertiary music study.

Military and Service Bands

South African National Defence Force/SADC, other Africa Defence Forces & SA Police Bands

About: Largest Community Partner of CP; partnership initiated in 2005. Satellite campus established at the SA Army Band, Western Cape, Youngsfield Military Base. Also draws military bandsmen from SADC and other African countries (Rwanda, Botswana, Congo Brazzaville, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya etc.) and bandsmen from SAPS bands.

A satellite campus where the Certificate Programmes in Music Literacy are offered was established in 2005 in partnership with the SANDF. Military Musicians and Bandsmen from the Military and Service Bands in South Africa and SADC countries in Africa enrol for these programmes offered at the SA Army Band, Youngsfield Military Base, Cape Town.

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South African Military Bands:

SA Army Band Cape Town


SA Navy Band


SA Army Band Kroonstad


Community Music Schools

Athlone Academy of Music (AAM)

About: NPO, established 1994. Music tuition to community along Klipfontein corridor, Langa, Gugulethu, Khayalitsha, Mitchell’s Plain, Retreat, Steenberg, Atlantis and Malmesbury.

Social Impact: Service-Learning in Music students teach in project (experiential learning).

Several AAM students have continued to study music in CP, and in tertiary programmes (student recruitment).

Ronnie Samaai Music Education Project (RSMEP)

The Ronnie Samaai Music Education Project, formerly the Western Cape Music Education Project, was established in 1997 by reknowned  Paarl music educator and violinist, Ronnie Samaai. It operates in Kuilsriver at the Metro East Education District and welcomes students from any area.Transport is provided to and from Khayelitsha. The children range in age from 7 to about 16 years old. Weekly classes on a Saturday morning, including practical instrument performance, music literacy and ensemble play (also dance in the past). The project offers training in orchestral instruments and also recorder. The project places emphasis on hard work, passion for music and commitment beyond minimum requirements. An adequate amount of students from the project have proceeded into tertiary education in music, while others continue the art as a hobby. The project was relaunched as the Ronnie Samaai Music Education Project in 2016 and is currently headed up by Felicia Lesch.

About:  Launched 1997, by Sir Yehudi Menuhin’s Violins for Africa initiative. Offers music training to learners aged 7-16. Saturday morning classes; transport provided from Gugulethu.

Social Impact: UG and PG Students from the Music Department and students enrolled in the Service-Learning Module teach/work at the project every Saturday morning (experiential learning).

RSMP learners have access to workshops, master classes, concerts at the Music Department.

Several students have proceeded into tertiary education in music; others continue participation in the arts.

Service-Learning student: https://www.facebook.com/935872829781168/videos/1819658754735900/

Felicia Lesch presentation to Kirstenbosch Rotary Club:  


Mitchells Plain Academy of Music and Arts (MPAMA)

The Mitchell’s Plain Academy of Music and Arts mission is to develop children, youth and adults in Mitchell’s Plain through the power of Music and Arts.
The programme aims to keep the children and youth off from the street and away from potential pitfalls like violence, drugs, alcohol and idleness.
Their mission is to create a safe, amiable and educational atmosphere where youth are nurtured and encouraged to grow and develop their talents.

About: Community Music School in Mitchell’s Plain established by two former CP students.

Social Impact: Access to workshops, masterclasses, concerts (SU Jazz Band, Wind Band) at Music Department and performance opportunities at Endler.

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Facebook videos:

Stellenbosch University (CP) Jazz Band plays at MPAMA end of year concert: https://www.facebook.com/1426558850733539/videos/1571776696211753/

MPAMA jazz band: https://www.facebook.com/1426558850733539/videos/1571765722879517/

Musiquelaine SA Initiative: Steenberg High School Wind Band Project

About: The Steenberg High School Wind Band was established as a Musiquelaine SA initiative by Lainey Trequesser in March 2013. Based at Steenberg High School, Cape Town.

Social Impact: Partnered with CP in Music in 2018. One of Music Department graduates teaches at project.

C-flat Jazz Festival, Steenberg High School: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUT4hNAC7nw&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3nsWtTdayFY5Ic7NM9cBfiOk7MNWLCOvv1oI_ktNznYF9qgW0S_Abr8kw

(With SU Jazz Band, and French musicians who worked both at the University, and at Steenberg High School)

West Coast Music Academy (WCMA)

About:  WCMA has offered music tuition on West Coast for past 24 years; CP partners with WCMA in 2019.

Social Impact: WCMA has access to tutoring programmes of CP.