Postgraduate Diploma in Music Technology

Entrance requirements

  • To apply for this course prospective students have to be in possession of a three year degree (in any discipline) or equivalent.

Course length:

  • Intensive one-year course

Who is the Postgraduate Diploma in Music Technology for?

  • Do you love music? Would you find it exciting to use computers and electronic software to arrange or compose music?
  • The course is designed in a way to allow students to pursue a chosen area of specialisation like audio mastering, electronic composition or music for picture.

What does the Postgraduate Diploma in Music Technology entail?

  • It is a project-based course where the commercial activities of the department’s recording studios are used as a vehicle to expose students to the process flow of real-world working environments. This course focuses on the recording and production of music. This programme introduces you to the theoretical and practical skills necessary to experiment in a wide range of music styles with software such as ProTools and Csound. We also train you to design and develop interactive multimedia systems for music performances, theatre, edutainment or museum exhibitions. Our state of the art sound studios and venues rank among the finest in the country.

Enquiries: Dr Gerhard Roux E-mail: 

Auditions for Postgraduate Programmes

An audition is required for the options Practical Music Study (Solo voice / Solo instrument / Accompaniment / Chamber Music / Conducting).

A portfolio of compositions must be submitted when applying for the Composition option.


At the auditions students automatically are considered for a number of Departmental Bursaries.

Apply for Bursary

Should you require additional information, kindly contact the following members of staff:

Post-graduate co-ordinator: Dr Pieter Grobler E-mail: