The Certificate Programmes in Music Literacy:

About CP: The Music Department’s largest Social Impact programme; established in 2009 to provide formal music education to communities with no or little access at the time.


Introductory Certificate:

  • 1-year part-time programme
  • Classes take place in evenings
  • For Community Musicians who wish to acquire or upgrade their music literacy skills and
  • For students with rudimentary music literacy skills who wish to proceed to further music studies:

Intermediate Certificate: (includes Accelerated Programme)

  • 1-year part-time programme
  • Evening/daytime classes (Accelerated Programme)
  • For students who wish to advance their music skills in order to proceed with further music studies/tertiary music studies (AP)

Advanced Certificate:

  • 1-year part-time programme;
  • Evening/daytime classes: 6 hrs per week
  • For students who wish to enrol in tertiary music studies

Social Impact:

  • Community Musicians (Community Choirs, Bands etc.) acquire/upgrade music literacy skills, which they transfer to musicians in their respective Community Music Organisations
  • Students who have had little or no access to formal music education, and who would like to pursue tertiary music study, are afforded the opportunity to upgrade their music literacy skills.
  • Prospective Military and Service Band Directors acquire conducting and other related skills which allow them to be appointed as band directors in military bands in South Africa and other African countries.
  • Military Bandsmen upgrade their music literacy skills.

Many graduates of the CP have forged careers in the professional music environment of South Africa.


Programme Co-ordinator: Mrs Felicia Lesch  Tel: 021 808 2349  E-mail:

Prospective student enquiries & admissions: Mrs Felicia Lesch Tel: 021 808 2349 E-mail: