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Carina Venter

By April 9, 2020June 7th, 2022Uncategorized

Dr Carina Venter

Lecturer, Musicology

Chair, South African Society for Research in Music

I hold a doctorate from the University of Oxford, master’s degrees from the Universities of Oxford and Stellenbosch, and a BMus from the University of Pretoria. My research interests centre on music, violence, decolonial thought, and discourses of apartheid and colonialism. I have published locally and internationally, and am motivated to think, write, and teach at the intersections of music, politics, and those questions that continue to render our present precarious and unequal. I have supervised students on a wide range of topics, including decolonisation of the tertiary music curriculum, trauma and violence in music, music and gender, and several South African composers. My current cohort of postgraduates work on topics including the music of Philip Miller, musical theatre in the 1970s in South Africa, video-game music and psychoanalysis, curricular decolonisation, Afrikaans cabaret, and emancipative pedagogies. I am committed to teaching, research, and supervision, activities which I believe should be emancipative and continuously challenging of our thinking, music-making, and listening practices. My latest publications can be read here,  here, and here.

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