What are my options?

The Music Department offers study programs for preundergradate, undergraduate as well as postgraduate students.

Pre-undergraduate programmes are offered as one year courses by the Certificate Programme;

Undergraduate programmes as higher certificate, diplomas and degrees, are all options;

Postgraduate programmes include honours, masters (degrees or diplomas) and doctoral courses.

Pre-Undergraduate Programmes

Introductory Certificate in Music Literacy
Intermediate Certificate in Music Literacy
Advanced Certificate in Music Literacy
Advanced Certificate in Music Literacy (Accelerated Programme)

Felicia Lesch E-mail: fsmlesch@sun.ac.za

Undergraduate Programmes

Higher Certificate
Higher Certificate in Music
Higher Certificate in Sound Technology

Diploma in Practical Music
Advanced Diploma in Practical Music

BA (Music)
Bachelor of Music (BMus)

Leonore Bredekamp E-mail: lbrede@sun.ac.za Tel. 021 808 2176

Postgraduate Diplomas and Honours

Postgraduate Diploma in Film Music
Postgraduate Diploma in Music Technology
BMus (Hons)

Masters Degrees
MPhil (Music Technology)
MPhil (FIlm Music)

Doctoral programmes
PhD (Music)

Dr Carina Venter E-mail: cvent@sun.ac.za Tel: 021 808 2375