PROSPER: Promoting Social and Political Ethics Research

Centre for Applied Ethics

PROSPER: Promoting Social and Political Ethics Research

PROSPER is the fourth research unit in the Centre for Applied Ethics. We provide a platform for innovative research and public engagement about crucial ethical questions pertaining to society and politics, both locally and globally. Our research deals with issues such as reparations for past injustice, institutional ethics, civil resistance, immigration, xenophobia, corporate and government corruption, labour exploitation, punishment, ethical issues relating to violence, misinformation, moral ignorance and collective action. We endeavour to investigate these ethical problems in a systematic way: to try and determine what is happening at the level of principles; to identify explicit and tacit contradictions; to analyse and delineate key concepts; to clarify the assumptions informing various positions, and ultimately to contribute to a richer, more informed and less fraught public debate on ethical matters of common concern.

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