Meet our Team

Dr Tanya de Villiers-Botha

Senior Lecturer

Dr Tanya de Villiers-Botha is a senior lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Stellenbosch University. She is also head of the Unit for the Ethics of Technology in the Centre for Applied Ethics, coordinator of the Data and Computational Ethics Research Group, and a member of member of the Global AI Ethics Consortium of the Institute for the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Technical University of Munich. Her research interests include: philosophy of mind and cognitive science, meta-ethics and the epistemology and ethics of AI.




  • Philosophy 144: Introduction to Moral Argumentation (Ancient Greek and Medieval Philosophy)
  • Philosophy 244: Philosophical Sub-disciplines II (Philosophy of Mind)
  • Philosophy Honours (Philosophical Naturalism)
  • MPhil (Applied Ethics) Introduction to Data Ethics
  • Postgraduate diploma (History of Philosophy; Research Ethics; Animal Ethics)