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Dr Tanya de Villiers-Botha

Dr Tanya de Villiers-Botha is a senior lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Stellenbosch University. She obtained her DPhil at Stellenbosch University in 2006. Her research interests include: philosophy of mind and cognitive science, meta-ethics and the epistemology and ethics of AI. She is currently the coordinator of the Data and Computational Ethics Research Group of the Stellenbosch University Philosophy Department and a member of the Global AI Ethics Consortium of the Institute for the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Technical University of Munich.

Selected publications



Philosophy 144: Introduction to Moral Argumentation (Ancient Greek and Medieval Philosophy)

Philosophy 244: Philosophical Sub-disciplines II (Philosophy of Mind)


Philosophy Honours (Philosophical Naturalism)

MPhil (Applied Ethics) Introduction to Data Ethics

Postgraduate diploma (History of Philosophy; Research Ethics; Animal Ethics)