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Prof. J.P. Smit

Prof. J.P. Smit is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy. He holds a DPhil from Stellenbosch University (completed in 2003 under the supervision of AA van Niekerk) and a PhD from Cambridge (completed 2013 under the supervision of Simon Blackburn).  The first thesis was on meta-ethics, the second on the theory of reference. His research interests are in Semantics and the Philosophy of Economics.

Selected publications

  • “Developing the incentivized action view of institutional reality” in Synthese (2014) 191: 1813 – 1830 (with Filip Buekens and Stan du Plessis).
  • “Why bare demonstratives need not semantically refer” in Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2012) 42: 43 – 66.
  • “What is money? An alternative to Searle’s institutional facts” in Economics and Philosophy (2011), 27: 1-22 (with Filip Buekens and Stan du Plessis).
  •  “Anaphora and semantic innocence” in Journal of Semantics (2010), 27: 119-124 (with Asbjorn Steglich-Peterson).
  • “Cigarettes, dollars and bitcoins – an essay on the ontology of money” (with Filip Buekens and Stan du Plessis) in Journal of Institutional Economics (2016), 12 (2).​
  • “Russel’s eccentricity” in Erkenntnis (2021) 86: 275 – 293.


  • 142 – Logic and Critical Thinking
  • 262 – Philosophy of Science
  • 354 – History of Analytic Philosophy

12882778 – The Theory of Meaning