Unit for Business Ethics and Public Integrity

Unit for Business Ethics and Public Integrity


Head of Unit: Prof. Minka Woermann


Prof. Minka Woermann (PhD, Stellenbosch University) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy. She serves as Chair of the Department and as the Head of the Unit for Business Ethics and Public Integrity in the Centre for Applied Ethics. She also serves on the Social and Business Ethics Committee of the Council of Stellenbosch University and is a member of the expert team tasked with developing a Code of Conduct for Stellenbosch University.  She is the author of Bridging Complexity and Post-Structuralism: Insights and Implications (Springer, 2016) and of On the (Im)Possibility of Business Ethics: Critical Complexity, Deconstruction, and Implications for Understanding the Ethics of Business(Springer, 2013). She served as the editor-in-chief of the African Journal of Business Ethics from 2013 to 2016.

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Dr. Schalk Engelbrecht

Dr. Schalk Engelbrecht is a Research Associate of the Centre for Applied Ethics and an Associate Director and the Chief Ethics Officer within KPMG South Africa He is responsible for KPMG’s new internal ethics programme, but also assists client organisations in assessing ethics risk (or “ethical culture”), developing Codes of Ethics, facilitating ethics training and monitoring and reporting on ethics performance. His research interests include: business ethics, utopian thinking and critical social theory.



Prof. Deon Rossouw

Prof. Deon Rossouw is Extraordinary Professor in Philosophy at Stellenbosch University and the CEO of the Ethics Institute of South Africa and. He was the Founding President of the Business Ethics Network Africa (BEN-Africa) and served as the President of the International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics (ISBEE). He is a member of the King Committee on Corporate Governance, and a Chartered Director. He has written several textbooks on business and professional ethics, and has published in a number of prestigious business ethics journals.