BA Honours in Philosophy

BA Honours in Philosophy

The Honours Programme consists of five modules. Four of these are taught modules, and each of these runs over six weeks (or one term). ​

The teaching schedule is decided by the lecturer responsible. Typically, this will involve two seminars per week. The content, format, duration, and methods of assessment are also determined by individual staff members, and may take the form of an essay, a formal written exam, an oral exam, or a combination of these. The seminars depend heavily on the quality of student participation, which in turn depends on excellent student preparation for classes.

The fifth Honours module is a research essay on a topic of your choice, supervised by the lecturer of your choice. Supervisors will only take on research topics that fall within their respective fields of expertise. The essays are typically between 20 and 25 pages in length.

You are allowed to replace one of the Philosophy Honours modules with one Honours module in another subject, and will still graduate with an Honours degree in Philosophy if you have fulfilled all the requirements.

There are also opportunities for exchanges with universities in Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and South America. For more information, contact the International Office.

Please consult the faculty yearbook for information about admission requirements, application deadlines and academic credits.

Inquiries should be directed to Prof JP Smit at