Business Ethics research

Selected recent publications


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  • Woermann, M. 2013. On the (Im)Possibility of Business Ethics: Critical Complexity, Deconstruction, and Implications for Understanding the Ethics of Business. Dordrecht: Springer, 175 pp.

Journal articles

  • Hall S. and Woermann, M. 2014. From inequality to equality: Evaluating normative justifications for affirmative action as racial redress. African Journal of Business Ethics, 8(2): 61 – 76.
  • Woermann, M. 2013. ‘Moral imperatives for an immanent world: investigating the pragmatist, deconstructive, and ante-philosophical positions’, South African Journal of Philosophy, 32(3): 275 – 284.
  • Woermann, M. and Cilliers, P. 2012. ‘The ethics of complexity and the complexity of ethics’, South African Journal of Philosophy, 31(2): 447 – 463.

Book chapters

Woermann, M. (forthcoming, 2017).  ‘Business ethics in Africa’ in Heath, E., Kaldis, B. and Marcoux, A. (eds) The Routledge Companion to Business Ethics. London: Routledge.


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