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Centre for Applied Ethics

Unit for Business Ethics and Public Integrity

Selected recent publications

Research in the Unit is focused on ethical and governance issues that define the current economic and business environments, with a particular focus on the South African and African contexts.

Notable research outputs include:

Textbooks on business and professional ethics

  • Ethics for Accountants and Auditors and Auditors, Oxford University Press, ed. D. Rossouw, contributor M. Woermann.
  • Business Ethics, Oxford University Press, co-ed. D. Rossouw, contributors S. Engelbrecht and M. Woermann.

Textbook chapters on business ethics and corporate governance

  • Ethical Business Cultures in Emerging Markets, Cambridge University Press, contributor D. Rossouw
  • Contemporary Management Principles, Juta and Company, contributor M. Woermann.
  • Management Principles: A Contemporary Edition for Africa, Juta and Company, contributor M. Woermann.


  • On the (Im)Possibility of Business Ethics: Critical Complexity, Deconstruction, and Implications for Understanding the Ethics of Business, Springer, M. Woermann

Peer-reviewed book chapters

  • Woermann, M. Towards an African Business Ethics: Past contributions and Future Challenges and Possibilities. In L.C. Rodrigues and J. Chimakonam (eds.). Key Concepts in African Ethics. London: Bloomsbury. Forthcoming.
  • Woermann, M. 2018. Business ethics in Africa. In E. Heath, B. Kaldis, and A. Marcoux (eds.). The Routledge Companion to Business Ethics. London / New York: Routledge, 624 – 640.
  • Woermann, M. 2010. Corporate identity, responsibility and the ethics of complexity. In P. Cilliers and R. Preiser (eds.). Complexity, Difference and Identity. Dordrecht: Springer, 167 – 191.

Journal articles

  • Woermann, M. and Engelbrecht, S. 2019. The Ubuntu challenge to business: From stakeholders to relationholders. Journal of Business Ethics. Published in 2017 in an online virtual edition on Business Ethics in Africa; published in 2019 in vol. 157(1): 27-44.
  • Hall S. and Woermann, M. 2014. From inequality to equality: Evaluating normative justifications for affirmative action as racial redress. African Journal of Business Ethics, 8(2): 61 – 76.
  • Woermann, M. 2011. In corporations we trust? A critique of contractarian-based corporate social responsibility models. African Journal of Business Ethics, 5(1): 26 – 35.


  • Dr Schalk Engelbrecht regularly publishes under the Unit’s name in media outlets such as the Daily Maverick and the Business Day.


For a full account of the Unit’s research activities, please see the Unit Report in the Annual Reports of the Centre for Applied Ethics.

Examples of completed postgraduate research projects are available here.