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Dr. Susan Hall

Dr. Susan Hall joined the department as a temporary lecturer in 2013, and was appointed permanently in 2015.  She received a scholarship from the Graduate School of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at Stellenbosch University for fulltime doctoral study in 2010, and completed her dissertation, “Harm and Enhancement: Philosophical and Ethical Perspectives”, under the supervision of Professor Anton van Niekerk in December 2012.  Her research interests include Bioethics and the ethics of technology, and she is currently working on the ethics of biotechnological human enhancement and bioethical issues related to the participation of intersex athletes in sporting competition.

Selected publications

  • Hall, S. 2013. “Is the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act Guilty of Disability Discrimination?” in South African Journal of Philosophy, 32 (1): 36-46.
  • Hall, S. 2013. “The ethics of discriminatory sex-selective abortion: is legal prohibition our best option?” in The Specialist Forum, 13 (10): 32-33.
  • Hall, S. & Woermann, M. 2014. “From inequality to equality: Evaluating normative justifications for affirmative action as racial redress” in African Journal of Business Ethics, 8 (2): 59-73.​
  • Ewuoso, C., Hall, S. & Dierickx, K. 2017. ‘How do healthcare professionals manage ethical challenges regarding information in health care professional-patient clinical interactions? A Review of Concept/Argument-Based Papers and Case Analyses’, South African Journal of Bioethics and Law, 10 (2): 75-82.
  • Ewuoso, C. & Hall, S. 2019. ‘Core Aspects of Ubuntu: A Systematic Review’. South African Journal of Bioethics and Law, 38(1): 55-67.
  • Lenk, C. & Hall, S. 2019. ‘Access to health care in emerging and industrialised nations: A comparison between South Africa and Germany’. In: Steger, F. (Ed.), Diversität im Gesundheitswesen. Freiburg: Alber.



Philosophy 314: Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy 474: Philosophy of Culture and Technology; Social Philosophy


Environmental Ethics (Post-graduate Diploma)

Environmental Ethics​ (MPhil in applied ethics)

Bioethics (MPhil in applied ethics)