Phila Msimang

Phila Msimang is a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and the Convenor of the Socratic Society at Stellenbosch University. His research interests include the philosophy of science, the metaphysics of race, biosemiotics, and theories of minimal cognition. He is part of an inter-university research group that focuses on issues concerning race, the knowledge project, and society. His current areas of research are topics in the metaphysics of race and minimal cognition.


Philosophy 214: Subdisciplines in Philosophy I (Modern Philosophy)

Philosophy 344: Critical Social Theory (Race and Science)

Philosophy 345: Analytic Philosophy (Philosophy of Mind)

Selected publications

  • Msimang, P.M. 2019. Racializing races: the racialized groups of interactive constructionism do not undermine social theories of race. Ergo 6 (1).
  • Msimang, P.M. 2018. Non-racialism isn’t in the future of South Africa: towards a pessimistic view of race. Transformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa 96 (1), 72–94.
  • Msimang, P.M. 2015. Problems with the physical in physicalism. South African Journal of Philosophy 34 (3), 336–345.
  • Msimang, P.M. 2015. On Vít Gvoždiak’s “John Searle’s Theory of Sign”. Organon F 22 (2), 255–261.
  • Msimang, P.M. 2014. Living in one world: Searle’s social ontology and semiotics. Signs and Society 2 (2), 173–202.

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