Unit for Environmental Ethics

Unit for Environmental Ethics

MPhil in Applied Ethics (Environmental Ethics)

The MPhil in Applied Ethics (Environmental Ethics) is a one year programme which consists of biannual contact sessions, coursework, and an independent research component. This programme offers tuition and training in environmental ethics, focusing on the following:

  • Different philosophical models for the conceptualisation of environmental problems;
  • Different approaches to environmental ethics (for example, strong anthropocentrism, weak anthropocentrism, animal rights, animal liberation, biocentric individualism, ecocentric holism, deep ecology, ecofeminism, social ecology, bioregionalism and environmental pragmatism);
  • Environmental ethical values and principles, for example sustainability, precaution, ecological integrity;The relationship between environmental ethical values and other values like economics, efficiency, freedom, equality and justice;
  • The implications of environmental ethical values and principles for environmental policy and management;The implementation of environmental ethical values in politics, economics and everyday life;
  • The ethical basis of environmental policy and management in a developing country;
  • Contemporary issues in environmental ethics (for example, climate change).

Environmental Ethics is also offered as a 5-day module in the  MPhil (Environmental Management) programme.

For general information, see the MPhil in Applied Ethics​ section.

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