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3rd Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

Life in the time of COVID

Before COVID-19, one of my recent research projects focused on refutations of anti-natalist arguments; specifically, that of David Benatar. Anti-natalists hold that having children is unethical, and Benatar bases this…
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4th Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

Will Corona leave behind a decent, more caring, society?

Over the first three months of the Corona virus outbreak in South Africa, a netto number of 7500 lives have been saved. This means, with the death toll from the…
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5th Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

Values and choices

It is now over three months since South Africa’s national lockdown was announced. Even as restrictions begin to ease, we all continue to adjust to the abrupt changes to our…
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6th Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

‘A view from solidarity’ and ‘A view from Environmental Ethics’

At the beginning of April, just after the first phase of South Africa’s hard lockdown at level 5 was announced, I, together with a number of colleagues from Southern Africa…
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7th Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

Beyond the pandemic: problems of the past, present, and future

Many of the differential effects of the global catastrophes we face today can be traced to pre-existing socio-political and economic realities. We have seen this in the last decade with…
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8th Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

Moral injury and health care workers at the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic

Having a keen interest in ethical themes in global mental health and psychiatry, I have been particularly concerned about the long-term impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on…
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9th Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

In defence of uncertainty

So much of everyday life depends on trust: trust that tomorrow will arrive, that nothing catastrophic will happen when it does, that our plans will work out and life will…
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10th Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

Being and management

Our department has, on the whole, coped remarkably well with the Covid situation. A number of students have told us that our teaching and general level of organisation have been…
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11th Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

Humanity: The dialectic of achievement and failure

It is ever more universally claimed that the global spread of the potentially lethal Covid 19 virus represents the greatest health and economic disaster that we have seen since the…
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12th Jul 2020 in Covid-19 reflections

Challenging the hard distinction between the public and the private spheres in the time of Corona

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly contracted and enlarged our frontiers of being. On the one hand, our days have been distilled down to the minutiae of living. It often seems…
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