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Prof. Minka Woermann

Associate Professor

Minka Woermann​ (PhD) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Director of the Centre for Applied Ethics, Head of the Unit for Business Ethics and Public Integrity, and Vice-Chair of the Social and Business Ethics Committee of Council.

Her research interests include business ethics, post-structural (French) philosophy, critical complexity theory, moral theory, and art philosophy. She is currently pursuing a second PhD in Visual Arts, which focuses on the phenomenology of creative flow experiences.


  • Woermann, M. 2016. Bridging Complexity and Post-Structuralism: Insights and Implications. Switzerland: Springer International, 205 pp.
  • Woermann, M. 2013. On the (Im)Possibility of Business Ethics: Critical Complexity, Deconstruction, and Implications for Understanding the Ethics of Business. Dordrecht: Springer, 175 pp.
Selected Journal articles
  • Woermann, M. 2020. Postcolonial thinking and modes of being with others. Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics, 22(3): 833-848.
  • Mancilla-Garcia, M., Herz, T., Schlüter, M., Preiser, R., Woermann, M. 2020. Adopting process-relational perspectives to tackle the challenges of social-ecological systems research. Ecology and Society, (25)1: art. 29.
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  • Woermann, M. and Cilliers, P. 2012. The ethics of complexity and the complexity of ethics. South African Journal of Philosophy, 31(2): 447 – 463.
Selected book chapters (peer-reviewed)
  • Woermann, M. 2024. Monumental transformations and the re-membering of meaning. In J.S. Sanni and M.Z. Phiri (eds.). Monuments and Memory in Africa: Reflections on Coloniality and Decoloniality. Taylor and Francis (Routledge).
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  • Woermann, M. 2010. Corporate identity, responsibility and the ethics of complexity. In P. Cilliers and R. Preiser (eds.). Complexity, Difference and Identity. Dordrecht: Springer, 167 – 191.
Chapter contributions to the following textbooks:
  • Brevis and M. Vrba (eds.). Contemporary Management Issues, Cape Town: Juta.
  • J. Smit, M. Vrba and T. Botha (eds.). Management Principles 7th ed. Juta.
  • Rossouw and L. van Vuuren. Business Ethics 5th ed.; 6th ed. Oxford University Press.
  • Rossouw, D. (ed.) Ethics for Accountants and Auditors 3rd ed.; 4th ed. Cape Town: Oxford University Press


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  • Philosophy 314: Structuralism and Post-structuralism
  • Honours module: Complexity, post-structuralism, and ethics
  • Programme coordinator: Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Ethics
  • Principal lecturer: MPhil in Applied Ethics with specialisation in business ethics