Introduction to Data and AI Ethics

5 May – 23 June 2023

Type: Short course, part-time

Duration: One weekly session over seven weeks

Format: Online

Certificate: Certificate of Attendance

Target audience: Industry, students and other stakeholders in data science and AI technologies who need to broaden their knowledge of data and AI ethics.

Cost R4500

  1. Overview:

It is clear that the practice of data science and the development and implementation of AI technologies in various contexts cannot be divorced from ethical considerations. This short course provides an introduction to data and AI ethics.  Participants will be given an overview of foundational ethical theory, which will then be applied to practical ethical concerns that arise in the contexts of data science and AI technologies with the help of topical case studies. There will be specific focus on the South African and African contexts.

  1. Outcomes:

Participants will gain competency in the following:

  • Familiarity with introductory ethical theory
  • Familiarity with introductory data and AI ethics
  • Familiarity with prominent ethical concerns relating to data practices, for example, ownership of data, the governance of data practices and the like.
  • Familiarity with prominent ethical concerns relating to the development, implementation, and use of AI technologies, such as algorithmic bias, responsibility in artificial decision making, AI for good, and best practice.
  • The ability to apply ethical theory to practical ethical problems that stem from data-related and AI-related practices


  1. Syllabus and Schedule:
Topic Week
1. Introduction: Why Data and AI Ethics? 1
2. Introduction to Ethics 2 & 3
3. Ethics of Data 4
4. Ethics of AI 5
5. Ethics of Practice 6
6. The future of Data and AI Ethics 7


  1. Format:

A combination of weekly live online lectures and discussions along with online material to work through in your own time.

  1. Assessment:

The course will not be formally assessed. Attendance of all sessions and completion of all quizzes and/or small assignments will ensure a certificate of attendance.

  1. Presenters will include:
  • Dr Tanya de Villiers-Botha (CAE)
  • Dr Schalk Engelbecht (CAE)
  • Dr Susan Hall (CAE)
  • Johan Hattingh (CAE)
  • Vasti Roodt (CAE)
  • JP Smit (CAE)
  • Johan Steyn (AI for Business)
  • Anton van Niekerk (CAE)


  1. For more information, email Dr T de Villiers-Botha
  2. Or to apply, go here