Postdoctoral Fellowship 

Scope of Research:     Beyond the violence of metaphysics: Ethics and globalisation at the intersection of decolonial and post-structural philosophy 

The main aim of the postdoctoral project is to explore the critical and fruitful intersection of decolonial and post-structural philosophy. 

This will be done by mapping the respective critiques of western metaphysics, documenting some of the main positions and the debates that have arisen, and outlining the ways in which ethics within our globalised world is reconceived that is both past and future orientated. 

A guiding example is the work of Cameroonian philosopher Achille Mbembe who appropriates and further develops concepts from the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy to rethink the understanding of the decolonial and ethics. Further thinkers who occupy this intersection include Nelson Maldonado and Lewis Gordon. 

Accordingly, the first systematic aim is to account for the various thinkers in conversation and map the differences in their positions. A second interpretive and evaluative aim is to assess critically the reformulations of ethics these thinkers propose in view of the double criteria of a) addressing the shared responsibility for the future, which includes b) the reparation of the dignity of those it was stolen from in the past. 

Requirements:                        Ph.D. (must have graduated within the last five years)

Sophisticated knowledge of modern and contemporary western metaphysics, as well as the extant body of decolonial philosophy. 

Commencement date:           1 June or as soon as possible 

Closing date:                          5 April 2023



Send a letter of application, accompanied by a comprehensive curriculum vitae, including a list of publications and the names and contact details of at least two referees, to 

Please note that postdoctoral fellows are not appointed as employees, and their fellowships are awarded tax-free. They are therefore not eligible for employee benefits.

Prof Minka Woermann
Philosophy Department
Stellenbosch University 

  • Applicants should request their referees to forward confidential reports by the closing date directly to the same address.
  • Note: Postdoctoral fellows are not appointed as employees and as their fellowships are awarded tax-free, they are not eligible for employee benefits. The University reserves the right NOT to make an appointment if suitable candidates do not apply.
  • Note: The awarded amount is R250 000