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MPhil in Applied Ethics

Centre for Applied Ethics

MPhil in Applied Ethics

Next intake: 2025


Thank you for your interest in our MPhil (Applied Ethics) Programme with specialisation in Bioethics, Business Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, or Social and Political Ethics (PROSPER). 

Below, please find information on frequently asked questions:

1. Where can I find information on the programme structure, teaching format, and admission requirements?
2. Where can I find information on the different specialisation fields?

Each specialisation field has a dedicated webpage, which is accessible via the following link: https://www0.sun.ac.za/philosophy/centre-for-applied-ethics/

3. How can I apply for the programme?

To apply, please click on the following link: https://student.sun.ac.za/

4. What is the closing date for applications?

For international students, the closing date is 30 Septemeber.
For South African students, the closing date is 31 October.

5. What is the cost of the programme?

To generate a proforma invoice, please click on the following link: https://web-apps.sun.ac.za/student-fees-estimate/#/home

6. I do not meet the requirements of the programme. Is there another route to follow?

Yes. The Post-Graduate Diploma (Applied Ethics) is the feeder programme for the MPhil (Applied Ethics). The requirement for entry into this programme is any undergraduate degree, for which you have attained an average of 65% and above. The MPhil and the PGDip are offered in alternate years.

7. I am not sure whether I qualify for the MPhil (Applied Ethics). Can someone advise?

You can contact the Head of the Unit in which you wish to specialise (see details below). Please send your full academic transcript with your query, so that the Unit Head can advise. Please note that no applicant will be accepted before the selection process is concluded.

8. When will I know whether my application is successful?

All applications will be considered after 31 October. The selection process will take approximately two weeks. The intake is capped. Applications are judged relative to one another on the basis of academic background and academic achievement.

9. Are the teaching contact sessions compulsory?

Contact sessions are compulsory. You will not be permitted to continue with the programme if you cannot attend the contact sessions. Two week-long contact sessions will be held (one at the beginning of the year and one in the middle of the year). Please note that all contact sessions will be held face-to-face.

For additional information, please see the following contact details: