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Green Living Award Bulletin

The purpose of the Green Living Award is to promote sustainable living practices in residences, Private Student Organisations (PSOs) and student houses to reduce the negative impact that we have on the environment and resources.

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Green session: Venustia

A talk session on campus sustainability and tree planting.

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Level 4 water restrictions

Since 1 June 2017, level 4 water restrictions are applicable in the Stellenbosch and City of Cape Town municipal areas. Click here to find out what it means for water consumption.

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This is how Stellenbosch University saves water

In Stellenbosch the use of tap water - distributed by the council – is currently limited to category 3 water restrictions. These restrict the use of potable water for irrigation of gardens and sport fields. Watering with hosepipes and sprayers as well as the use of portable pools is prohibited.

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