For renting the bicycle:

The total cost for renting a Matie Bike is R2 800 per year or part thereof. This includes a refundable deposit of R1 500 less damages where applicable. Refunds into international accounts will carry additional bank costs. Payment against the student account is currently not possible.

During the rental period:

  • The bicycle(s), together with a lock and keys and any other equipment rented, is the property of SU.
  • The person who rents the bicycle is liable for any expenses related to the maintenance of the bicycles, e.g. tube repairs.
  • Should a bicycle be left in an unguarded spot for longer than 24 hours and/or if it seems that the hirer is not going to claim the bicycle, or if the bicycle is left somewhere unlocked, SU may remove the bicycle and keep it in a safe place. A fine of R200 will then be payable by the hirer in order to regain access to the bicycle.

At the end of the rental period:

  • A deposit is required before the bicycle(s) and equipment can be rented. The costs of repairs to the bicycle(s), as determined by the cycling shop which checked the bicycle (see return procedures), will be deducted from the deposit. Additional bank charges will be levied for refunds into international accounts.
  • If the bicycle is returned AFTER the end of the rental period or return date indicated on the contract, a fine of R200 will be imposed.
  • If the bicycle(s) and equipment are not returned for whichever reason, the refundable deposit will be forfeited. If you do not return the bicycle(s) and equipment within the time frame indicated in the contract, SU will accept that the bicycle(s) and equipment are LOST OR STOLEN and will take all the necessary steps to recover the loss.