Tariffs and recovery

Tariffs are calculated according to the type of parking allocated, as well as the number of parking discs that were applied for.



  Type of parking disc Per year*
1. Reserved parking: shaded / covered R2 244
2. Reserved parking: uncovered R1 968
3. Reserved parking at long-term parking area R1 428
4. Reserved parking for the disabled R960
5. Unreserved parking at buildings: shaded /covered R1 428
6. Unreserved parking at buildings: uncovered R960
7. General parking: central campus R960
8. General parking: periphery R456
9. Additional disc (per disc) R30
10. Replacement of parking disc R30

* Allocation and tariffs are valid from the beginning of January to the end of December.

Please note the following: SU does not charge any tariff for parking outside of its grounds. This includes areas such as Academia. However, if the relevant student or staff member wants to park on SU grounds, the application procedures for general parking as set out must be followed.


Payment method Monthly salary
deduction **
One-off deduction
from a student
account ***
Card payment (at the cashiers) or EFT payment
(No cash payments accepted)****
Code * 1 3 2
Applicable to Staff Students
  1. Stellenbosch campus:
    Ad hoc and temporary staff 
  2. Non-SU staff at Tygerberg

  3. Any company or individual who has been allocated access to parking but from who recovery via salary slip is not possible
Action required None None
  • Card payment at cashier or EFT within one month after parking has been allocated to you.
  • The banking details are as follows:
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account name: SU Deposit / general
  • Acc No: 073006955
  • Branch code: 050610
  • Reference: B164 + US No/Company name
  • NB: Please email proof of payment to your campus coordinator.
  • NB. Parking discs will only be issued once proof of payment has been received. Access to the relevant booms is granted for one month from the date of allocation. Should the proof of payment not be received within this month, access will deactivated automatically until payment is received and confirmed.


* The code for the payment methods appears on the parking disc form.
** The amount for the type of parking allocated will be recovered from the relevant staff member’s salary on a monthly basis over a period of 12 months (January - December). The amount for the additional parking discs will be recovered one-off with the first deduction.
*** The total amount, depending on the type of parking allocated, will be loaded onto the student account as soon as the type of parking has been finalised. Please note: In case of cancellation of parking, the amount owed will be a pro rata amount determined by the time elapsed from the date of allocation to the date on which the cancellation was received by the parking coordinator (in month segments).
**** Payment is done at the Cashiers in Administration Building A (Stellenbosch) or at the Cashiers at Tygerberg. Specify that it is receipt type 3400 and include your SU number. Subsequently forward proof of payment to the relevant parking coordinator.

NB Should the payment not be received by the due date (one month from date of allocation) and proof of payment not be provided, access will be deactivated  automatically. Parking discs will also only be issued once proof of payment has been received.