3. Parking for private students


3.1 Allocation criteria
  3.1.1 Criteria taken into consideration are previous years’ parking allocation, distance from student's accommodation/residence to campus, seniority, and students with disabilities.
3.2 General parking
  3.2.1 Nobody may lay claim to a specific parking bay and parking operates on the “first come, first served” principle.
3.3 Types
  3.3.1 Central campus: Skuilhoek, Bloemhof, Smuts Street, Engineering (kerb white and parking disc purple).
  3.3.2 Periphery: Lentelus V4, Coetzenburg O2 (kerb white and parking disc white), Neelsie.
3.4 Holiday parking
  3.4.1 Arrangements can be made for registered vehicles. See the application procedure