On campus

A greener SU campus is envisaged through the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste. This is one of the projects that flows from the integrated waste management plan and forms part of Stellenbosch University’s overall sustainability initiative. As Stellenbosch’s landfill site is closed, the University has committed to reduce the amount of waste generated over the next five years in collaboration with local businesses and municipalities. This contributes to SU’s journey of zero-waste to landfill.

SU supports the international standard to reduce, re-use and recycle.

Recycle Reduce Re-use


This means your primary responsibility to the environment and to the generations to come, is to minimise your use of materials and thus your impact on the world's resources.

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Where you cannot avoid using materials in the first place, your secondary responsibility is to get maximum use out of those materials.

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If you cannot maximise the use of materials yourself, you should use the infrastructure and facilities provided by others for the recycling of material.

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