On campus

Stellenbosch University uses various sources of energy (electricity, gas, diesel), of which electricity is the major source. This source is continuously under pressure and SU is exploring other energy sources (renewable) and energy-efficient initiatives. Within this context, energy is one of the focus areas of SU's sustainability initiative and the university has many initiatives in place to save energy, which affect each staff member and student.

The following objectives have been identified for achievement by 2022:

Numerous initiatives have been implemented at SU to save energy and utilise renewable sources. Here are a few of them.

Light bulbs in buildings are replaced by energy-saving bulbs. (Six buildings at the Stellenbosch campus and the main building and teaching block at Tygerberg campus.)
Motion sensors that turn on lights only when there is movement have been installed in six buildings at the Stellenbosch campus, in the elevators of the main building at the Tygerberg campus, and in one building at Bellville Park. This prevents lights from burning unnecessarily.
Smart metering of all energy consumed in all buildings takes place.
Where appropriate and practical, energy-saving cooling systems have been implemented, for example in the main building at the Tygerberg campus.
The Polymer Building, Facilities Management Building and IT Building at the Stellenbosch campus use vegetation and special screens to reduce the burden of heat in buildings.
Natural resources, such as trees, are planted in strategic areas to limit heat islands in the landscape.